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How Nebeus lets its users do more with their crypto, powered by Modulr

Modulr By Modulr on 26 August 2022   •   3 mins read

Nebeus’s goal is to bridge crypto and traditional money, by providing a whole array of crypto and fintech services for all needs. Their current focus is a comprehensive crypto ecosystem, allowing people to access a variety of cryptos services all in one app to address any need they may have. Now with the incorporation of their new product “Money accounts” possible via Modulr’s partnership, Nebeus can offer a finance side to the app with personal IBANs for EUR and Sort Codes and Account Numbers for GBP for its users.

Modulr works with a number of crypto companies, and we’ve had a front-row seat for the changes in the industry, as companies move away from crypto purely as a space for acquisition and investment, and move towards ‘super-appification’, offering more services.

As Michael Stroev at Nebeus puts it, “We are here to make the worlds of finance and cryptocurrencies more integrated and frictionless, allowing crypto to be more accessible and increasing its adaptability and usability in the long term."

Modulr will create EMI accounts for each customer in real-time, allowing for immediate pay-in and pay-out, along with instant notifications via webhooks. And, to allow more interaction with the fiat world, Nebeus will have branded Modulr-issued Visa or Mastercard cards to allow them to make card payments (linked to their accounts and with instant notifications as well). This also makes it easier for Nebeus to collect fees or apply credits, via their own Nebeus EMI account on the Modulr platform.


Nebeus has grown its transaction volumes by 916% since launching with Modulr in July 2022. 

Find out more about Modulr's EMI accounts.

As of November, 2022.

But when it comes to crypto, there’s always a double-edged sword. It’s a challenge to make the entire process simple enough to be attractive for those who are new to it, while also being attractive to the crypto-savvy. Michael Stroev agrees - “We work on making our app, and our educational resources, simple enough for people who are new to crypto to feel comfortable using it, while keeping it appealing to the crypto-maximalists".

And, on top of that, trust is a huge factor in the crypto space. As Michael Stroev says, “it's extremely important to build trust with our users to show that we are a legitimate platform that is centralised and regulated. We work hard to communicate that trust. And, obviously, Modulr brings a lot of the trust to the table, with a well-known brand and their levels of regulation and compliance.”

Nebeus is aimed at hodlers (those who ideologically or not hold onto their cryptocurrency rather than selling it), with their platform allowing them to have an instant bridge between finance and crypto. Their digital wallet lets customers receive, send, and hold cryptocurrencies and access an entire ecosystem of cryptocurrency services, such as an exchange, earning accounts, loans, and cryptocurrency cold storage. Now, with their EMI account, Nebeus allows customers to exchange crypto for traditional money and send the funds to dedicated user IBAN accounts for spending and payments - instantly!

Nebeus is looking forward to rolling out new plans as well. “One of the advantages of working together with Modulr has been that everything has been super professional, super fast, super quick. The licences across different geographies, as well, gives us access to a lot of opportunities. And in addition to what the products that we're currently planning on rolling out right now, there’s a lot of possibility for growth in the future. We have a lot more that we can do together.”