Tap into card issuing from one
payments platform

Whether new to card issuing, or migrating an existing card programme, easily create, distribute and manage virtual and physical cards via our API. And access the entire Modulr payments technology stack. All with 24/7 customer support and an intuitive portal.

Manage your cards

Simplified card programme management

Modulr removes the historical inefficiencies of the card issuing process and the costs of managing separate stakeholders with a proven, full-stack solution. 

There's no complex reconciliation or coordination between multiple partners, instead you can leverage our existing relationships.

Unified view
View your accounts, balances, cards and transactions in a convenient and intuitive online portal.
Powerful card controls
Easily manage cards, right down to the cardholder level. Benefit from the latest features including card freezing and card re-ordering, saving your back-office team valuable time.
Hassle-free admin
Granular levels of user permissions put you in control. Export options make reporting and management information convenient and quick.
Virtual cards

Virtual cards that deliver real benefits

Tap into the potential of virtual cards on a platform that delivers real benefits. While they may be non-physical (the 16 digit PAN, expiry date and security code are returned via API), virtual cards can be used for a range of real-world use cases…


Generate one-off virtual cards for making travel payments, receiving interchange income while reducing manual process costs and improving reconciliation.
Create restricted virtual cards to disburse loans quickly, with spending restrictions applied, for greater control
Corporate spending
Create virtual cards to purchase goods and services for your company with easy reconciliation and smart spending controls.
Physical cards

Branded physical cards with the latest features, out of the box

Create and issue your own branded physical cards, together with the latest card issuing features, such as card freezing and real-time spend notifications. And, they can be printed and shipped straight to the cardholder. 

Rapid card creation
Offer a more complete proposition with a robust and scalable card issuing programme that puts physical cards in customers' hands in weeks, rather than months.
Bolster your brand
Promote your business through branded cards to your customers, or even different brand designs to each customer group.
Cards for every sector
Easily launch card programmes for customers in any sector, while we take care of the regulatory, technical, and operational heavy lifting.
New to issuing cards

Getting a new card product out the door? We'll get you up and running in no time

If you don’t know your PCI from your PAN, don’t worry. Our team is well versed in helping first-time card programme managers. We look after scheme reporting, fraud monitoring, stock management and more, leaving you to focus on the customer experience. 

Fast time to market
With Modulr as your single point of contact for card issuing and control, you can go live in a handful of months.
Simple and intuitive
Modulr takes the complexity away with a simplified card issuing and management experience and intuitive online documentation.
Scales with your business
Our platform is built to handle millions of authentications.
Dave Robinson
pax2pay – a Modulr card customer

“We've brought to market a revolutionary solution that allows our customers to do far more. It fulfils all our customers' requirements in terms of full transparency of payments, faster movement of money and matching of reconciliation data within seconds of a transaction taking place.”

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Your guide to launching a card programme

All of your questions answered:
  • What steps do I need to take to launch a card programme?
  • Who are the main partners in the ecosystem?
  • What is required for ongoing management post launch?

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