Making Business Payments. Simple.

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Payments flow easily with Modulr

Modulr is at the forefront of new possibilities in business payments. Our payments platform is for businesses that need reliable, fast and manageable payments . Modulr replaces outdated manual payment processes and fragile bank integrations with a simple API, 24x7 availability and exceptional developer support – making it easy to build payments into the heart of any business.

Upgraded Pay Out

See the end of batch files and manually setting up payments. Instead, easily automate your disbursements, supplier payments and payroll while paying out rapidly, all powered by Faster Payments.

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Upgraded Pay In

Receiving and processing payments made easy. We remove the need for tedious and error-prone manual reconciliation. You can easily configure Modulr’s payments logic to automatically transfer payments between accounts to reconcile, deduct repayments or pay commissions.

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Unlimited, Instant Payments Accounts

Accounts don’t have to take days to set up. Our payments accounts are designed to work with your business. Instantly set up as many as you need and completely re-think how you run your payment processes.

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A viable alternative to Business Banking

You don’t have to switch your bank, but you can easily switch to a better payments service. We’re authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and we enable you to seamlessly transfer funds to and from your existing bank in bulk.

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Our API-driven product

Our flexible API platform has been purpose-built for today’s payments needs and can be configured to suit your business' exact payment requirements without you going through the hassle of changing banks.

Instant access Apply for business accounts online, and use them straight away. Make and receive payments with ease via API, saving your business time and money.

Immediate notifications Set up instant notifications based on account activity. This means you and your customers always know where money is.

Payments logic Create customised payment rules that depend on account activity. This includes helpful and time-saving features like automatic transaction splitting and account sweeps.

Built for developers

Our platform has been built with developers in mind. You can build quickly and painlessly with our RESTful APIs. We also provide a developer portal with extensive documentation, a full sandbox environment, implementation guides and direct support via forums and live chat.