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Deliver embedded payment
and account services

Whether you’re a bank, building society or credit union, Modulr can help you automate and simplify your payments infrastructure and deliver a perfect customer experience. With our API-driven platform and regulated EMI status, we’re built to support your banking services, not compete with you.

Why Modulr

Integrate payments functionality directly into core banking systems.

Instant account top ups

Customers can quickly and easily add funds to accounts, improving customer experience.

Unlimited, instant customer accounts and physical/virtual cards

Quickly and easily open accounts for customers in a cost effective way and instantly create virtual cards for customers, providing multiple ways of transacting.

Instant account and transaction notifications

Provide instant, real time notifications to customers whenever they transact or interact with accounts, improving the overall customer experience.

Challenges & Solutions

Clunky and inflexible service from existing agency banking providers, with limited-service access during working hours and batch processing
Real-time payments processing, 24/7, 365 days a year, with a premium and digital API first payments solution
Staying compliant with ever-changing scheme and regulatory requirements, squeezing margins and inhibiting innovation
Leverage Modulr’s regulatory licencing and up to date and compliant payments offering
Changing consumer demands who expect a digital and real-time banking experience
Scale quickly and launch competitive, digital products and financial solutions to your customers
How we partner with our Customers

Case Studies

Hodge Bank Case Study
Hodge Bank and Modulr partner to deliver superior payments experience for customers.

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