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Whether developing or scaling new technologies, software or solutions we champion innovators that are transforming the way they and their customers do work. 

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Leverage our FCA authorised and regulated status and our security measures - so you don’t have to manage these processes in-house.


Launch quickly

Build end-to-end payments processes into existing software and applications to provide customers with automated digital payments services.


Automate payments

Onboard and launch new propositions quickly and effectively to give your customers a better automated payments experience.


Payment schemes

Access to a wide and growing range of UK and European payment schemes.


Expert service

Ongoing training, advice and support from Modulr’s team of payments experts.


Plug and play

Integrate solutions that are easy to implement, test and manage.

We partner with businesses and software providers who are specialists across a variety of sectors, including accounting, financial services, recruitment and travel.
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Partner platforms

You’re a partner platform if:

You're looking for a digital banking Platform-as-a-Service offering to embed into your architecture or software.

You’re looking to outsource the capability for some or all of your accounts portfolio to reduce costs and improve functionality.

You want to offer your customers a faster and easier way to move money, by embedding Modulr services at the heart of your proposition.

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Strategic partners

You’re a strategic partner if:

You’re looking to provide solutions to your customer base through third party integration.

You’re looking to retain commercial control of your solutions.

Modulr will work with you to onboard each business, but you will have control over how you take your solution to your end-clients.

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Referral partners

You’re a referral partner if:

You’re looking to add faster, easier and more reliable payments to your marketplace.

You want to provide your customers with a great marketplace payments offering, while Modulr takes care of marketing and business development.

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API integrations

You’re an API integrator if:

You’re looking to collaborate with likeminded developers and specialists on thought leadership, best practice and innovations within alternative and digital payments.

You want to connect with banks, payment schemes and methods via Modulr’s API and access UK, Europe and card networks.

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Accountancy partners

We're rebuilding how accountants manage payments. 

We provide a complete payments solution which manages all client payment workflows in one single online portal – from assessing funding needs, viewing pending payments, approving beneficiaries and automating workflows – no matter which accounting software they may use. ​

Our payment solution designed for accountants unifies processes across the client portfolio, dramatically reducing time spent on manual process and providing real-time visibility of each client's cashflow.

All accessed from one online portal and integrated into the accounting software your clients already use.


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