Open unlimited accounts

Create unlimited GBP and Euro accounts that can accept and send money straight away in the UK and Europe.

Account Services

Open unlimited accounts, with unlimited potential.

Create an unlimited number of e-money accounts in real-time via Modulr's API. These come with UK sort codes and account numbers or IBANs for EU accounts, and are ready to receive funds instantly.

Our clients use unlimited accounts to simplify reconciliation in innovative ways, including segregating by debtor (lending), by building (property services), by customer (alternative banks) and much more.

Instant and unlimited accounts
Open and manage unlimited e-money accounts in seconds, 24/7 via Modulr's API.
GBP and EUR accounts
Receive money across the UK and Europe with UK sort codes and account numbers, and local IBANs for Euro accounts.
Fast reconciliation
Use accounts to segregate funds to make processing and reconciliation faster and less manual.