Embedded payments for your business

Create and manage dedicated eMoney accounts and automated disbursements. Access real-time payments so you can focus on your customers rather than the manual overhead.

Why Modulr

One platform for all payments

Modulr makes it seamless to reconcile payments to support business growth and scalability. We provide you with a full suite of UK payments such as Direct Debit and Faster Payments which also benefit from real-time notifications so you can provide your customers with instant balances and automatic reassurance.

Simplified payments reconciliation

Easily create individual eMoney accounts for your customer. Align your payments and speed up payment reconciliation.

Faster payments out

Our 24/7 API led platform enables you to set rules and trigger on payments to help create the payment journey tailormade for you.

Real-time payment visibility

Reduce the time your customers spend on manual payment processing with reliable automation of key stages of the payment process; no need for manual exports or file upload.

Become a payments innovator

Modulr is at the forefront of the new Open Banking capabilities such as Payment Initiation and Confirmation of Payee. Deploy these and utilise industry-leading payment functionalities, becoming a payment innovator to your customers.
How we partner with our Customers

Case Studies

How Liberis used payments automation to reduce operational costs by 35%, powered by Modulr.

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