Delight merchant expectations with a one stop payments shop

Gain a competitive advantage by offering merchants a premium payment experience, while safely and easily meeting regulatory expectations.

Why Modulr

Offer everything merchants want, all from one provider.

Transparent, end-to-end payment flows

Full transparency of payment flows for hospitality merchants, offering a holistic payment journey including on demand settlements and refunds.

Easy "add on" of new services

Add new services and capabilities easily, leveraging our EU licence to expand into new markets.

Unlimited, instant customer accounts, as well as physical and virtual cards

Quickly open accounts for customers in a cost effective way, giving end customers their own named accounts to fund without additional admin.

Challenges & Solutions

Dynamically changing merchant expectations with a highly competitive market and low customer stickiness
Offer a transparent and comprehensive payment checkout journey with both forward and backwards payment journeys
High commercial pressures on businesses due to scheme fees, low margins, and cost reduction targets across the industry
Offer merchants a premium payment offering including faster settlement and generating new revenue streams through alternative propositions
Time and effort to secure direct payment licencing
Safely and easily meet regulatory expectations by leveraging our licencing and expertise
How we partner with our Customers

Case Studies

Kashing Case Study
Kashing is leveraging the Instant Economy to attract SMEs and grow fast, powered by Modulr.

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