A smarter way to pay contract workers

We help recruitment and umbrella companies to make payroll and HMRC payments simple, smart and digital. Save hours, while unlocking new revenue streams and smoother customer experiences.

No more payroll complexity

Transform payroll by making payments through Modulr.

Automate bulk payments

Process and reconcile large volumes of payments in bulk, with no volume limits. No more manually downloading and uploading payment CSV files to banks.

Enable instant payments

Workers receive payroll in 90 seconds through the Faster Payment Scheme, 24/7, 365. Say goodbye to the bank 3-day Bacs cycle.

Amend payments up until the deadline

Schedule payments automatically for payroll due dates and make last minute changes to handle emergency payments.

Challenges & Solutions

Weekly payroll is a nightmare. Reliant on timesheets submitted and funds transferred by tight deadlines, along with the 3-day Bacs clearing cycle
Improve operational efficiencies with automation of key stages of the payroll process and access to Faster Payments
You’re under pressure to handle last minute payroll payment changes, and client relationships are damaged if payroll isn’t timely and correct
Have the flexibility to amend payments up until last minute, and handle emergency ad-hoc payments, knowing workers will be paid on time, every time
Manual processes are inefficient and carry a high risk of errors, with additional time lost rectifying them
No more manual CSV downloads and uploads to your banking portal. Payment information flows automatically into the Modulr portal from your accounting and payroll software
You’re faced with the high costs associated with using Faster Payments via traditional banks
Benefit from straight-through access to Faster Payments through a fully secure and compliant payroll processing network regulated by the FCA


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How we partner with our customers

Case Study

My Digital uses Modulr’s direct access to Faster Payments to bring greater payment efficiencies for the UK’s temporary workforces.