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A smarter way to run payroll and tax

We help recruitment and umbrella companies to make payroll and HMRC payments simple, smart and digital. We save you hours with time-saving automation, faster processes and instant payments.

Eliminate payroll complexity

Transform payroll by routing payments through Modulr.

Reduce the 3-day Bacs cycle to just 90 seconds

Get extra days to make last minute payroll changes and avoid the month-end rush that can lead to errors.

Make bulk payments easy

Enable multiple payments to be managed together, including importing, viewing, approving or cancelling batch payments.

Make and amend payments right up to the deadline

Action payroll payments 24/7, 365 days a year, including on the day you want staff and contractors to receive them.

Challenges & Solutions

You’re under growing pressure to deliver a differentiated payroll experience
Reduce time spent on manual processing with reliable automation of key stages of the payroll process
Month-end is a nightmare, it's a race to meet payroll and HMRC deadlines
Payments that may have taken 3 days are processed in just 90 seconds, even on weekends and bank holidays
You’re faced with the high costs associated with using Faster Payments via traditional banks
Benefit from straight-through access to Faster Payments, not easily accessible from traditional banks
Manual processes carry a high risk of error, and customer relationships are damaged if payroll isn’t made on time, every time
Fully secure, compliant and trusted payroll processing network, fully regulated by the FCA as an eMoney Institution

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How we partner with our Customers

Case Studies

My Digital uses Modulr’s direct access to Faster Payments to bring greater payment efficiencies for the UK’s temporary workforces.