Move money across Europe,
the modern way

Unleash efficient, value-adding, and reliable routes to sending and receiving Euros across 36 countries, with Modulr's access to the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer

Unlock opportunities for your customers, with Modulr and SEPA Instant

Send and receive up to 100,000 Euros, 24/7/365, in under 10 seconds, all available through our set of APIs or Portal

Simplified customer journeys
Activate way smoother customer experiences, with your users enjoying payments in and out of their accounts, any time or day of the year, in under 10 seconds
Local compatibility, enhanced efficiencies
With local IBANs in The Netherlands, Ireland, Spain and France, our customers experience higher rates of payment acceptance, so you can move your money reliably
Robust back-ups for modern business
If you’re sending Euros to an account that doesn’t use SEPA Instant, our fallback mechanism means your payment can be sent by SEPA Credit Transfer instead, so everyone receives exactly what they expect
SEPA Credit Transfer

Experience Euro transactions built for modern business, with Modulr and SEPA Credit Transfer

Language barriers shouldn’t mean payment barriers. Take advantage of a cross-European payment journey, all experienced through the Modulr platform.

From Athens to Zürich
Scale your European business with customers and suppliers across 36 countries, transacting all via our reliable embedded payments platform
Rock-solid European PayOps
De-risk large Euro payments with digital workflows, embedded directly into your software, that better protect and control major transactions
Smoother cross-continental journeys
Create a frictionless experience for your pan-European customers, with unlimited electronic money accounts and real-time updates as they send and receive Euros
SEPA Instant product sheet

Download our SEPA Instant product sheet

Sent in real-time, SEPA Instant allows you to hold onto funds and only release when required.

Leverage the power of the Modulr platform to automate pay out, simplify pay in and launch new services.

Get real-time updates on your payments and immediate confirmation through our payment engine when you send or receive money.