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Use Modulr to power your crypto and Web3 offering

Take your crypto and Web3 business into the mainstream by harnessing the power of Embedded Payments. Modulr has a deep understanding of crypto, and currently works with over 50 crypto platforms, including leading crypto companies.

Why Modulr

Unlock the potential of Embedded Payments.

Instant account top-ups and transfers

Offer instant account top-ups and transfer to customers with real-time faster payments (UK) and SEPA instant (EU)

Reduce the risk of customers dropping off, and provide them with instant notifications and a seamless journey.

Unlimited individual accounts with core payments capabilities

Manage your own KYC and allow customers to hold their own regulated fiat accounts, with seamless on-off-ramp access to crypto.

Create a FinTech super-app

Embed fiat seamlessly and offer traditional services to customers to meet their financial needs.

Rapidly add new product features like cards, direct debit, open banking and more.

Scale your crypto ambitions into new markets

With regulatory support across the UK and EU/EEA for fiat payment flows and products, you can build a scalable payments offering that responds to regional customer demands.

Challenges & Solutions

Difficulty in managing the flow of money on and off the platform from fiat channels
Seamlessly integrate with the fiat banks' risk appetite and lack of in-house crypto knowledge means they struggle to support (or understand) crypto world with easy on/off ramping
Difficulty attracting and retaining first-time crypto users, meaning high customer churn
Grow your crypto offering to an all-in-one financial super-app
Banks' risk appetite and lack of in-house crypto knowledge means they struggle to support (or understand) crypto
A trusted partner that understands and works with crypto platforms
How we partner with our Customers

Case Studies

Nebeus Case Study
How Nebeus lets its users do more with their crypto, powered by Modulr.

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