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A platform to power
alternative banking

Quick-start your financial proposition with one of the few non-banks
to be directly connected to the Bank of England. Scale quickly
and deliver your full banking alternative to your customers.

Why Modulr

Use Modulr to power your alternative bank.

Reliable and regulated ability to make payments in the UK and EU

Trade on Modulr’s UK and EEA electronic money licence, with access to key UK and EU payment schemes.

Unlimited, instant customer accounts and branded cards

Quickly and easily open accounts for customers in a cost-effective way, with the ability to instantly create physical and virtual cards for customers.

Instant account top-ups

Customers can quickly and easily add funds to accounts, providing a seamless customer journey, reducing complaints and queries.

Instant account and transaction notifications

Provide instant, real-time notifications to customers whenever they transact or interact with their account.

Challenges & Solutions

Complex and hugely competitive market landscape for new businesses
Launch to customers quickly with everything you need (one-stop shop)
Existing providers offering poor end-customer experience, unreliable service, and compliance issues
Offer a seamless customer experience with a proven payments platform
Lack of in-house specialist payments expertise and technical capability
Partner with the payments and banking experts to go further and grow faster

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