Process supplier payments and payroll up to 80% faster with Modulr and Xero

Payments with Xero, powered by Modulr



Save time and maximise efficiency.

Authorise payments on the go, automate reconciliation and make payments in 90 seconds, 24/7, even on bank holidays and weekends


Replace manual data entry with automation

Save hours of time processing payments by removing the need to manually enter information and track entire payment flows with automated reconciliation.


Payments clear in 90 seconds.

Transfer funds in record time and pay PAYE taxes in under two minutes with a secure, easy-to-deploy payments platform that integrates with the software you already love.


Secure network

Process payments through a highly secure and compliant network. Modulr is authorised and regulated by the FCA (FRN: 900573).


A trusted fintech partner

We’re trusted by 400+ accountants and 1000s of their customers.


Real-time insights

Real-time visibility of payment flows allows for richer insights and improved business performance.

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How it works

Saving you hours by automating accounts, payroll and payments


1. Run accounts or payroll as normal


2. Select ‘Pay by Modulr’ in your payments software

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3. Approve pending payments in your Modulr portal

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4. Top up your Modulr account and pay your employees in minutes

Key features


Payments dashboard

Manage all of your clients in one dashboard with easy visibility of accounts, payments and pending approvals


Mobile payment approval app

Receive real time push notifications and use mobile biometrics to log in and authorise payments on the move


Unique user permissions

Each user of the Modulr portal can be set up with unique permissions, including who can approve payments

By automating workflows, you’ll reclaim hours of your day to spend on the things that matter. It’s a time saving transformation.

For accountants
Take the payroll and payment workload away from your clients. Find out how much time you could save..
For your business
Automate your accounts and payroll payments. See how it works...

Modulr in partnership with your
favourite accounting and payroll software

We’re partnering with the software you already love to bring new meaning to the word ‘efficiency’.

And, it’ll work no matter what accounting software you use because we’re the platform behind Sage Salary & Supplier Payments, IRIS and BrightPay.

We integrate with
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