Build your business on the award-winning platform

Engineered for scalability, the Modulr platform integrates into any business, eliminating process inefficiencies and ensuring the way you make payments is secure and reliable.

  • Easy API integration
  • Customer portal
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Scalable and reliable

Easy API integration

Get started with a single integration

The Modulr API platform lets developers securely manage and automate the flow of money for their company by creating and administering e-money accounts and making payments, all via a single integration.

The API is based on REST and uses standard REST features such as resource-based endpoints, HTTP verbs, standard responses and authentication, ensuring compatibility and providing security.

Our extensive developer centre at contains detailed developer guides and API reference documents and is backed up by our dedicated support team.

Easy to get started

Easy to get started
Integrate and authenticate once for access to our complete payments platform.

Integrate with any system

Integrate with any system
Our REST API integrates with any system or application.

Support for developers

Support for developers
Built for business, easy for developers with extensive Developer Centre & support.

Customer Portal

Manage payments and accounts in one dashboard

The Modulr customer portal offers an online gateway to quickly initiate payments, manage approvals and fund accounts.

All these functions come wrapped in an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard.

Whether using our services directly or as a referral, strategic or platform partner, we've got the programme that works for you. 

Accountants, take advantage of multi-accounts and beneficiaries so you can keep track of who accesses what.


Manage accounts in one place
Manage multiple accounts and beneficiaries all in one dashboard using our secure and intuitive Modulr customer portal.


Make payments with confidence
Have confidence in making payments for your business with a secure permissions model that can be tailored to your business needs.


Delegated approvals
Initiate multi customer approvals with a click of a button - let Modulr support your complex workflows.

Secure infrastructure

Best in class security built, protected and monitored by industry experts

Our platform is built to meet the highest security standards throughout the entire ecosystem including all external parties – protected by best-in-class tools and third-party providers.

Our infrastructure is designed to ensure the highest level of data and system confidentiality, integrity and availability.

We consistently test all personnel and systems to ensure process and services are strong and resilient. 


Industry Compliance
We actively hold PCI Compliance to make sure all payment card information is safe from cybercriminals and hackers. We also comply with a number of other industry standards and regulations.


Collaboration with experts
We partner with industry-leading global cybersecurity providers to create robust security controls and protect our systems around the clock.


Customisable approvals
Flexible approval processes – add additional approval steps as the size of your payments increase, knowing that all payments were made correctly.

Scalable and reliable

24/7 payments access as your business grows

You should be able to grow your business, without adding to the burden on your internal operations. We enable businesses to scale, which means that making one or a million payments is just as easy. With 24/7 access, make payments when you need to.

Have the peace of mind that our direct access to Faster Payments and Bacs means superior infrastructure reliability. We're one of few non-bank payment providers to gain direct access.

This means the same level of access to payment schemes as a bank provides, but backed by our next generation technology.


Help your business grow
Our API driven infrastructure means that scalability is at the forefront of our minds. Making one or a million payments is just as easy.


Process payments 24/7
A scalable and reliable business needs to manage their payments at all times of the day. Benefit from no downtime and real-time payments 24/7.


Engineered for reliability
Our direct access to Faster Payments means less downtime and greater control over your transactions.