Unlock faster, easier and more reliable ways to move money across Europe

Gain API-first access to the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA), the European-wide payments scheme.

  • SEPA Instant
  • SEPA Credit Transfer
  • SEPA Direct Debit

SEPA Instant

Send and receive real-time payments 24/7 with SEPA Instant.

Harness the power of the Modulr platform to automate real-time pay out, simplify reconciliation and deliver exciting new services across Europe.


Cashflow efficiency
Sent in real-time, SEPA Instant allows you to hold onto funds and only release when required.


Scale at speed
Leverage the power of the Modulr platform to automate pay out, simplify pay in and launch new services.


Greater transparency with our payments engine
Get real-time updates on your payments and immediate confirmation through our payment engine when you send or receive money.

Need a takeaway?

Download our SEPA Instant product sheet for access to full benefits, use cases, frequently asked questions, pricing and fund flows.

SEPA Credit Transfer

Send and receive payments across Europe

Open unlimited EUR accounts from our platform to start sending and receiving Euro denominated payments from 28 EU member states and 8 other countries that are part of SEPA.


Cut costs and save time
Save on admin time and banking fees by managing GBP, EUR and international payments all from one platform.


Scale efficiently
Leverage the power of the Modulr platform to automate pay out, simplify pay in and launch new services.


Greater visibility
Get greater visibility over your finances and receive instant notifications from the Modulr platform once payments have arrived.

SEPA Direct Debit

Coming Soon

With Modulr SEPA Direct Debit services you can schedule regular collections from Modulr accounts as well as collect recurring payments from your customers with Euro denominated accounts in the SEPA.

Whether you are building new payment products for your clients, or want to collect invoice or subscription payments, our SEPA Direct Debit features have you covered.


Drive account usage
Become the only account your customers use with full banking alternative feature set.


Convenient customer experience
Let your customers pay recurring bills through your account for maximum convenience.


Automate collections
Collect regular and ad hoc payments automatically without manual processing.