API-first access to the UK Payments network

The same access as a bank but better through our award-winning payments platform. Instantly issue accounts and make the most of our direct access to the Faster Payments service and Bacs payments, engineered for reliability and stability.

  • Faster Payments
  • Bacs Payments
  • Direct Debit Collections
  • Direct Debit Outbound

Faster Payments Service

Send and receive real-time payments 24/7

Send and receive real-time payments 24/7 with an API payments platform that scales as your business grows.

We are a direct participant of the Faster Payments service, enabling you to process your payments securely and efficiently while we take on the regulatory and operational task of plugging into the payments schemes.

This means we provide the same level of access to Faster Payments as a bank, but backed by our next generation technology.

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Real-time payments plumbed into your software
Send and receive money in near real-time. Payments arrive in seconds, with 24/7 access and support.


Greater transparency with our payments engine
Get real-time updates on your payments and immediate confirmation through our payment engine when you send or receive money.


Direct access engineered for reliability
Our direct access to Faster Payments means less downtime and greater control over your transactions.

Bacs Payments

Accept the most commonly used payment service

Receive Bacs payments through our direct connection to the largest payment network in the UK.

Receive inbound Bacs such as salary payments and other business transactions.

Along with Faster Payments, we are a direct participant of the Bacs scheme.

This means we provide the same level of access to Bacs as a bank, but backed by our powerful automation engine to give you reliability and ease of use.

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Covering all payments 
With Bacs payment acceptance, you can receive all types of commonly used UK payments from one consolidated account with direct access to the scheme.


Greater visibility
Get greater visibility over your finances and receive instant notifications from the Modulr platform once Bacs payments have arrived.


Get notified early | Coming soon
Get notified of incoming Bacs transactions 24 hours in advance, for greater flexibility and more informed decision making.

Direct Debit Collections

For merchants: Get paid on time, every time

We make it simple to set up and automate collections from your customers. Our Direct Debit service gives you visibility over your cash flow and makes it convenient for customers to pay you.

Start collecting regular and ad-hoc payments and focus on building relationships with your customers and identifying new ways to grow.

Plus, with our fully automated notification feature, you'll never miss a payment and can follow-up when needed.

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Automate collections 
Collect regular and ad hoc payments automatically without manual processing.


Easy and transparent collections
Let customers set up Direct Debit mandates using paperless technology while you receive notifications as soon as funds are collected.


Competitive pricing models
We are able to offer competitive pricing models in line with the industry benchmarks.

Direct Debit Outbound

Drive account adoption by offering a hassle-free way to pay

Make it easy for customers to set-up Direct Debit mandates against their accounts, so you can offer a full bank account alternative.

The Modulr platform makes it simple to set up and automate Direct Debits. It provides a critical payment method required by consumers and businesses and opens the door to becoming the primary account for your users.

Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay, and with the Direct Debit Guarantee they know they’re protected.

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Make your account the primary account
By offering a full and convenient bank account alternative, you can become the only account your customers use.


Notify customers when Direct Debits arrive
Stay connected by letting them know their payments have arrived with a thank you notification.


Convenient customer experience
Enable your customers to set up the easiest way to pay recurring bills.


Make secure, high-value payments

Modulr accounts are connected to CHAPS (Clearing House Automated Payment System) to enable receipt and payment of same-day high- value transactions*.

Whether you’re sending or receiving a high-value payment, it’s essential to make sure the money arrives in one transaction.

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Forget value limits
CHAPS payment values are unlimited so you can receive and pay as much as you require.


Same day service
Receive your money on the same day it's sent, with payments typically received in under 3 hours. *Subject to scheme opening times.


Covering all payments
With CHAPS acceptance, you can receive all types of commonly used UK payments from one consolidated account with direct access to the scheme.

Andrew Duncan hex headshot
Andrew Duncan

““Our partnership with Modulr is going to make a huge difference to the responsible lending organisations we work with. It’s going to enhance the payments side of our product, bringing us much closer to providing a complete solution to our customers. With Modulr’s support, we’ll be able to drum up further interest in the market and grow our business.

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