The new standard in accounting payments technology.

Introducing the UK's first payments solution that manages all client payment workflows from one single online portal. No matter which accounting software they use.

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Regardless of which software you use

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The Payments Dashboard for Accountants

Payroll and payments workflows are a headache for accountants and their clients – with manual workflows increasing client pain points and time-consuming processes that carry a heavy administrative burden.

We bring all client workflows and payments together into one powerful dashboard. This means you can eliminate inefficiencies, harness the power of data and gain real-time visibility of your clients' business performance. No matter which software they use.

Be the future of Accountancy Innovation

Helping your clients succeed means being the first to find new paths. The Pathfinders programme is the first network of its kind in the industry, developing new innovations for Accountants to deliver better services for their clients.

The Accountancy Pathfinders brings together the industry’s innovators and forward-thinkers to discuss, debate and develop new innovations that will shape the future of accountancy services.

Be part of an exclusive community of forward thinking accountancy professionals and be amongst the first to take part in product trials and technology testing programmes.

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Join the test community and help us to create our new payments solutions.

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Unifying client payment workflows no matter which software they use

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Quick and easy integration

Disparate software platforms all connected via Modulr’s Payments Dashboard.

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Eliminate errors and automate client workflows

Automate all client payment workflows, allowing you to improve efficiency while eliminating manual errors.

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Create new client offerings or innovate on existing services

Improve client retention rates with smarter insights, new service offerings and a seamless client experience.

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Unifying client payment workflows no matter which software they use

Assess funding needs, view pending payments, approve beneficiaries and automate workflows - all via a single, overarching dashboard.

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Gain real-time insights

Get end-to-end visibility of workflows, easily see urgent client actions and approvals and provide your clients with real-time insights to improve their business performance.

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Maintain security and control

Control who can view and access each client's payment data and reduce the risk of human error with our secure platform.

What our partners say

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"We are delighted to be able to offer this facility to our customers. Having spent a large part of my career as a practising accountant (with a payroll bureau service), I know just how time consuming the process of paying employees can be and still is to this very day. This changes everything!"

Paul Byrne, FCA ACIPP CEO at BrightPay

"We chose to work with Modulr, the next generation digital alternative to banking, because of their deep experience in payments infrastructure, their foresight to innovation and their commitment to serving the businesses across the UK who sorely needed better payment capability."

Chris Downing Director for Accountants and Bookkeepers at Sage