“A fast and easy solution for our partners and customers, with all of the licensing and regulations we needed to operate in this space - all via a single API.”

Si Brayshaw, Director of Payments at Motorway.

Motorway Pay: an instant, secure marketplace payment experience from Modulr and Motorway


Motorway is the UK’s fastest growing used-car marketplace.

Motorway connects car owners directly with their network of more than 5,000 car dealers. These verified dealers compete to buy each car in an online daily sale, allowing the seller to get more money in the process. For sellers, profiling and selling their car is a 100% online process, with their car collected from home for free. As a result, they get more money and a convenient selling process.

Leveraging Modulr's payment technology Motorway created Motorway Pay, taking their payment experience to the next level. 

Instant, secure, in-platform payments

Despite being the UK’s fastest growing used-car marketplace, payments between car dealers and car sellers were still taking place outside of Motorway’s marketplace platform. Traditional payment processes caused transaction delays at the doorstep for the dealer and the seller and Motorway needed to find a solution.

To do this, Motorway needed to bring payments in-house, into its own platform, and it needed those payments to be fast, easy and secure. Thanks to Modulr’s embedded payments technology, Motorway was able to create Motorway Pay and benefit from a tailor made solution.

“Motorway Pay enables dealers buying cars on Motorway to fund a secure online wallet and then release money to private sellers instantly to complete transactions. The industry first payment service has been designed to significantly improve the purchasing experience for dealers, making payment for vehicles fast, easy, transparent, and secure.” 

Problem-solving payment flows 

In the past, when dealers purchased cars with outstanding finance, they would have had to settle any finance separately to the seller’s payment. But by embedding payment technology with Modulr, the dealer is able to complete one transaction which manages payment to the seller and payment to the finance house - all in the click of a button.

“With over 30% of privately owned cars on Finance or PCP plans, this is often an added layer of complexity in the buying process. Now this can all be completed in just one transaction, with Motorway handling the settlement statement confirmation, set-up and confirmation of payment to the finance company.”

Using webhooks, this payment journey is entirely automated, and notifications are instantly sent to all parties when payments are received.

Complete visibility over the customer journey

As payments previously occurred outside of the platform, Motorway had little visibility of the final stage of the sale. But by creating Motorway Pay with Modulr’s embedded payments, Motorway has been able to bring the final stage of the customer journey online.

We now have visibility of what we call ‘the last mile’, enabling Motorway to own the customer journey from beginning to end.”

Why Motorway came to Modulr 

Like many marketplaces, Motorway found that traditional payment methods weren’t suited to their business model. Payment delays at the point of car exchange became a pain point for both the car dealer and the private seller.

They needed a more modern approach, something that would enable them to access the financial services they need instead of accepting the norm. They sought out a tried and tested embedded payments provider, one which was in a mature position in the market which would give them confidence in the product.

“We wanted to ensure we found the right partner for the long term. Modulr stood out, based on the other successful tech and fintech companies they were already partnering with. This was a big seal of approval for us at Motorway. Their FCA compliance was also a must have to support our operations.”


Motorway Pay is a perfect demonstration of what embedded payments can do for marketplaces - allowing businesses to solve real customer challenges while benefiting from more visibility and control.

“Our dealer partners and car selling customers have all reaped the benefits of using Motorway Pay, as it provides faster, easier, more secure and more transparent payments. It’s a win for all parties.”

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