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Catalyst interview: The future of Open Banking

Hannah Mellow By Hannah Mellow on 20 October 2017   •   1 min read
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Our CEO, Myles Stephenson, sat down with EditorEye’s Chloe Nicholls to discuss what’s next for Open Banking and how Modulr has established itself in this evolving ecosystem.

The interview, published in Catalyst, the global insights platform for digital transformation, sees Myles lay out why regulatory change will spur evolution rather than revolution:

“A few years ago, the narrative focused around how FinTechs were going to disintermediate the traditional banks. The narrative has now moved on to how banks and FinTechs will collaborate.”

The subsequent innovations in consumer banking will also drive more demand for simple, 24/7, real-time services from corporates through ‘consumerisation’ effects. We’re likely to see the rising consumer expectation of user experience – still absent in corporate services – rapidly spill over.

Read the full piece here: Interview with Modulr: The Future Of Open Banking