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Modulr teams up with Agilisys Care

Hannah Mellow By Hannah Mellow on 19 September 2016   •   1 min read
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Agilisys has recently launched Agilisys Care - this is a platform that allows individuals receiving care to access a number of self-help tools themselves. The platform helps to empower citizens and to reduce costs for care providers like local authorities.

Modulr forms part of this innovative platform by providing a flexible payments solution. We enable local authorities to distribute funds to its service users in real-time and to control spending by providing rich, instant data. This means low-cost and efficient payments can be made to both service users and providers.

Modulr enables all of this by automating processes like account reconciliation, the allocation of budgets and the repayment of unspent funds. Local authorities can easily operate in line with social care policy, procedures and reporting requirements.

We are looking forward to providing valuable services as part of the Agilisys Care platform. Have a look at our other blog posts to find out what else is new at Modulr.