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Whether you’re disbursing loans or paying employees, Modulr delivers the fast, reliable payments service your business needs and customers expect.

Introducing our service

Modulr streamlines making payments

Making payments is fundamental to what many businesses do every day. Payroll companies and teams need to pay people on time. While many lenders differentiate their service based on how quickly they disburse funds. But too often it’s a slow and manual process, with payments taking days to arrive.

Modulr provides a fast, reliable way to make payments. So businesses can automate processes, eliminate batch files and deliver a real time ‘always on’ payment service.

Make payments
in real time

No more payment delays. Make and manage payments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With 99% of payments fulfilled within 90 seconds. All backed by our industry-leading SLAs.

Automate manual processes

Don’t let manual processing slow you down. Eliminate error-prone batch files and process transactions straight through without manual intervention. Improving security, control and reconciliation.

Manage through existing systems

Modulr can be integrated into your existing ERP, Accounting and Payroll software. Making it easy to reconcile, manage beneficiaries and trigger payments at the touch of a button.

Business benefits

Turn payments into a competitive advantage

Modulr helps businesses to deliver real-time payments and reduce operating costs. Lenders can disburse funds as fast as they can approve them. Payroll companies and teams can ensure everyone gets paid on time, every time.

Cut operating costs

Create fully automated work flows and eliminate manual batch file processing. Reducing the cost of making payments by more than 86%.

Differentiate your service

Imagine if you could guarantee payments within minutes. Borrowers could receive their money as soon as the loan is agreed; contractors could get paid immediately after work; investors in online apps and products could feel safe in the knowledge their money is a few seconds away.

Reconcile and eliminate errors

With straight-through processing and notifications, you always know the status of payments. And you can spot errors before your customers do.

What our customers say

Modulr works for our customers

Modulr moves money for businesses across lending, payment fintech, payroll services, travel, marketplaces and more.

Salary Finance

We help this salary-linked lender to deliver fast, flexible and responsible finance to employees

Salary Finance provide salary-linked benefits that let employees borrow responsibly via simple salary deductions. Modulr helps them to onboard employees and disburse loans quickly. While making collections and reconciliation easier and more automated.

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  • Salary Finance
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