Modulr makes payroll simple

Say goodbye to slow, unreliable and error prone contractor and employee payments. Modulr provides a flexible platform that makes payroll simple.

Do these problems sound familiar?


Manual data entry

Your team spends hours manually entering payee details, tax codes and reference numbers, which is tedious work that can result in errors.


Slow and inefficient payroll

Paying employees or suppliers is slow and inefficient, especially when waiting for Bacs payments to clear or chasing internal authorisations.


Need for payroll flexibility

You have part-time or contractor employees doing shift work who need regular, weekly or ad hoc payments instead of monthly cycles.


Complex payments reconciliation

With different clients and suppliers, both domestic and overseas, the complexity of payment flows makes reconciliation difficult.

One platform for all payments

Whether you’re in umbrella, payroll or recruitment, Modulr makes paying contractors and employees simple, fast and hassle-free.

Our payments platform offers end-to-end automation for your payments, saving you time and resources and providing a better employee experience.

“Usually, umbrella companies are rushing to meet banks' cut-off times for payments. With Modulr, they can make payments any time, even on weekends or bank holidays.”

Varun Monteiro Accentra
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Eliminate manual processing

Trigger payments automatically and all from one platform – no more manual processing or checking that funds have cleared.


Reduce payroll deadlines

You don’t have to wait for Bacs payments to clear and errors to surface. Process last minute changes easily and spread your workload.


Pay employees on time

Pay employees, contractors and clients within 90 seconds, 24/7, and get full visibility. All backed by our industry-leading SLAs.


Easy reconciliation

Create unlimited EMI accounts for individual clients and segregate incoming payments for faster and easier reconciliation.

Spotlight on automation

Cut the payroll process from hours to seconds

Tired of spending endless hours on payroll and data entry?

With Modulr, you can trigger payments automatically from existing systems. There’s no need to process payments manually, check that funds have cleared, or extract files to upload to banking systems.

Everything is automated from one platform – which could reduce a two hour payroll process to 30 seconds.

Varun Monteiro

“With Modulr's API and 24/7 functionality, umbrella companies and payroll bureaus now have the luxury of waiting till Friday to receive payment from agencies to pay contractors. In traditional banking there was a constant rush to either push the agencies for payments or get contractor payments done in time before the bank closes. Modulr has made it easier to deal with any delays in payments received from agencies or timesheets directly from contractors.