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With Modulr, Cooksey Jones has automated payroll – and now it's driving new business growth

Modulr By Modulr on 3 August 2021   •   3 mins read
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Cooksey Jones is a dedicated provider of recruitment solutions for transportation and logistics clients. On top of that, it manages client payroll. 

Payroll is a service that’s easily time-consuming and fraught with potential for errors. Nevertheless, it’s something clients increasingly expect. When handled effectively, it can help build the foundations for stronger client relationships. 

As a forward-thinking company, Cooksey Jones understands this. By turning to Modulr, they’ve been able to simplify the payroll process within their existing BrightPay software – and they’ve enhanced their service level as a result. 

How Cooksey Jones is using BrightPay, powered by Modulr  

Cooksey Jones processes payroll both monthly and weekly and, since integrating their BrightPay software with Modulr’s Payments Dashboard, the workflows have become seamless. There’s no need for manual payment files, and they can pay employees directly through BrightPay in a few easy steps. And because all payments sent from Modulr use the Faster Payments service, the money arrives instantly. 

Onboarding clients is simple, too – after a few details have been collected, clients are able to log in to the portal and access their Modulr account, which they keep topped up so Cooksey Jones can make payments on their behalf. 

Processing payments wasn’t always so easy for Cooksey Jones. When we spoke with the company’s director, Mark Cooksey, we learned that – before the Modulr-BrightPay integration – he had been managing payments single-handedly. 

“I was probably spending at least a full working day a week processing payments” 

Not only did that mean a large chunk of time was docked out of each week, but the reliance on manual input also left the company more exposed to the risk of mistakes – which would often only be later revealed by the (relatively slow) bounce back response from the bank. 

The risk of paying employees incorrectly has the potential to cause reputational damage. Particularly when employees rely on getting paid on time – because it can mean the difference between them being able to travel to work or not – it’s vital that Cooksey Jones is able to reassure their clients. 

“Quite often, manual payments were incorrect, but you wouldn’t get a notification from the bank until some time afterwards. It not only reflected badly on us, but also on our client’s company” 

The capacity and peace of mind that the Modulr-BrightPay integration has enabled is clear. Because Cooksey Jones now has full visibility over all payments, any detail errors can quickly be remedied within the Dashboard’s pending area. And with processing times cut dramatically, Mark has been able to hand over a lot of functions to his business partner, leaving him to focus on improving the company – as well as spending more time building up a second business with his son. 

“We’ve cut our processing time down by around 80-90%” 

Modulr has also improved Cooksey Jones’ cashflow management by simplifying the invoicing and collection process. Before, it wasn’t always possible to issue invoices until payroll had been completed and actioned. But now, everything is visible in advance in the online portal. Cooksey Jones can tell clients ahead of time what they owe, and the clients are happy because their employees get paid ahead of schedule, too.

What’s next for Cooksey Jones? 

Thanks to the BrightPay-Modulr integration, Cooksey Jones has received lots of positive feedback and testimonials, and the future is looking bright for expanding the business. 

The next step for Cooksey Jones is to take on new clients and make the most of the extra time and capacity. With Modulr’s help, the company will be able to place customer service even more firmly at the centre of their business model and explore new strategic directions – all while keeping a competitive edge with their payments infrastructure.


“What Modulr has allowed us to do is to pay everybody almost instantly – as opposed to waiting to make a payment and waiting for the money to arrive in their bank. Our service level to clients has improved immeasurably, and that’s fed through the whole supply chain.” 

Mark Cooksey, Cooksey Jones
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