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How Williams Stanley & Co is delivering modern accounting for ambitious businesses, with payroll power from BrightPay and Modulr

Modulr By Modulr on 30 November 2021   •   3 mins read
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The Williams Stanley & Co. story began fifteen years ago when co-founders Alex Williams and Tom Stanley were looking for more accuracy and meaning from the numbers that guided and grounded their business decisions. Running multiple, rapidly growing small businesses, the duo wanted to focus on doing what they did best, while ensuring their accountants could provide actionable numbers to inform smart, commercial decisions. So, they set about finding experienced and trusted accountants who shared their vision and Williams Stanley & Co was born.

Now, working with hundreds of like-minded companies, this customer-centric practice is leveraging Modulr technology to set a new standard in accountancy – one that supports, inspires, and amplifies its clients’ success.

From high street chains and bars to family run cafes, and everything in between, Williams Stanley & Co. works in partnership with a huge range of clients within the hospitality industry, providing bespoke advice and support which is perfectly suited to their business needs.
As a dedicated accountancy partner that prides itself on providing trusted financial guidance, the company offers a range of advisory services whatever the business size or stage of growth.

And thanks to the BrightPay-Modulr integration, they’re now able to offer their clients a fast, secure and easy way to pay employees, directly through BrightPay. Williams Stanley & Co’s Daniil Lasov explains:

“When you’re focused on operating a restaurant, bar, hotel, or group of hospitality businesses, we know payroll processing can be a complex and complicated area that you might try and avoid.”

Traditional payroll and payments workflows can certainly be a headache for both accountants and their clients, with manual workflows increasing pain points and time-consuming processes that carry a heavy administrative burden.

“We’d wanted to offer our clients a full-service accountancy solution for a while but, before we integrated with Modulr, it wasn’t really an option. The process took too long and was error-prone – not to mention that Bacs payments take three days to clear!”

But now, all that has changed.

Fully integrated within the BrightPay platform, Modulr’s Payments Dashboard means the team at Williams, Stanley & Co can offer their clients a seamless payroll solution.

Modulr removes the manual process associated with traditional payroll and replaces it with intelligent and automated workflows. Gone are the days of manual exports, risky file uploads to banks and having to double and triple check payment files. In their place is a single and secure online portal that allows users to make payroll payments quickly while running client payroll.

“Before Modulr, payroll payments were taking 15-20 minutes per transaction, and that’s providing there were no errors or problems. Multiply that by 10 clients, and that’s a serious workload. Now, they take about three minutes!”

Modulr’s direct access to the Faster Payments scheme affords the practice further convenience with payments clearing in 90 seconds – even on bank holidays and weekends.

It’s a game-changing integration that allows Williams Stanley & Co to take the payroll payment pain away from its clients, while itself benefiting from time-saving automation. And it’s been so successful that the company has already onboarded 30 SME clients onto the Modulr platform.

“It’s an easy sell. Modulr and BrightPay wave a magic wand over payroll and together they show just how simple it can be. And our clients love the user-friendly interface – they just don’t have time for a lengthy payroll process, so they’re very happy to let Modulr do the heavy-lifting for them!”


“The BrightPay-Modulr integration allows us to offer custom built payroll solutions that can be tailored to our clients’ business needs. With Modulr handling the payments, we can focus on being a source of bespoke advice and support to our clients.”

Daniil Lasov, Williams Stanley & Co
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