Pay employees directly through Thesaurus Software


How to use Thesaurus Software and Modulr

Thesaurus Partner how to use 1

1. Run Payroll as normal with Thesaurus

Thesaurus Partner How To Use 2

2. Select ‘Pay by Modulr’ in Thesaurus

Brightpay Partner How to Use 3 P36

3. Approve pending payments in your Modulr portal

Brightpay Partner How to Use 4 P36

4. Top up your Modulr account and pay your employees in minutes

Powerful features to save you time, so you can focus on what's important


Same Day Payments and Greater Flexibility

Get greater convenience with same-day payment turnarounds, giving you the flexibility to schedule payments in advance or make last minute changes.


Save Time and Maximise Efficiency

Remove manual processes and the risk of insecure file transfers. No more manual exports or file uploads to banks.


Eliminate Costly Payroll Errors

No one likes to make mistakes, especially when it's employees that need paying. Ensure you pay the right amount on time, every time without double and triple checking the payment file.


Secure and Compliant Network

Process payments through a highly secure and compliant network. Modulr is authorised and regulated by the FCA.


Real Time Insights

Clients require accurate & real-time data & decisions – we’ll help you provide richer insights to improve your clients’ business performance.


Premium client service

Deliver a seamless and smarter customer service on time, every time.

  • For Accountants & Bureaus
  • For Employers

Automate your client payroll and payment workflows

Taking away the manual headache of managing payroll payments.



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Powerful features to save you time
So you can focus on what's important - delivering improved service levels.


Realise your practice's full potential
Access new revenue streams and make payments a premium service for your clients.


Reduce risk and complexity
A single and secure online portal that allows you to make payroll payments at the same time as running client payroll.

Automate your payroll and payment workflows

Taking away the manual headache of managing payroll payments.



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Same-day payments plumbed into your Thesaurus software
Send and receive money the same day, with 24/7 portal access and access to support desk.


Greater workflow transparency
Get real-time updates on your payments and immediate confirmation through our payments engine when you send or receive money.

Paul Byrne, FCA ACIPP
CEO at Thesaurus Software.

We are delighted to be able to offer this facility to our customers. Having spent a large part of my career as a practising accountant (with a payroll bureau service), I know just how time consuming the process of paying employees can be and still is to this very day. This changes everything!