Modulr fixes payments for the travel industry

Offer suppliers a wide range of payment options and schemes, including Mastercard and Visa virtual cards with Faster Payments capabilities. So you can attract more customers, improve retention and increase package size.

Do these challenges sound familiar?


Difficulty managing merchants

The merchants and suppliers you work with, including airlines and hotels, are reluctant to shoulder the rising cost of payment methods.


Slow and inefficient processes

You’re managing multiple providers to offer all the payment methods you need, but this leads to manual inefficiencies and higher costs.


Differentiating your service

In the current climate, you need innovative ways to attract and retain customers and improve their travel purchasing experience.


Rising cost of payments

You process high volumes of transactions and are struggling to find competitive rates on all the payment methods you accept.

One platform for all payments

Modulr makes it simple to set up and automate payments for 100% merchant acceptance – no matter which method you use.

Whether it’s virtual cards with industry leading interchange rates, instant and automated bank transfers.

“Modulr sticks out because they bring experience from across a whole range of payment solutions, which are perfect for the travel industry.”

Dave Robinson Paxport

100% merchant acceptance

Offer all payment options from Visa and Mastercard Virtual Cards, ensuring global merchant acceptance.


Reduce operating costs

Configure bespoke rules, split and sweep transactions, set real-time notifications and automate reconciliation to increase efficiency.

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Attract and retain customers

Use the latest payment collection innovations like open banking and recurring Direct Debits to deliver a better experience to travellers.


Offer competitive rates

Offer fully integrated solutions to your customers and merchants and provide industry-leading functionality at competitive rates.

Spotlight on customer payment flexibility

Attract customers by offering holiday payment flexibility

Do you want to offer your customers more flexible ways to pay, and spread the cost of their holidays, but find the process too costly, manual and difficult to manage?
You're not alone. Travel agents want to offer flexible options including deposits and instalments to attract more customers to bigger packages, but are unable to integrate the process seamlessly into their online experience.
With Modulr, instantly create unique accounts for each customer or transaction. So you can receive single and recurring payments using different payment types, providing the visibility to save you time and money.

Dave Robinson

“Modulr's technology is where the future of payments in the travel industry is headed. People are starting to look at how we can do things better and it's going to be an enormous revolution in the industry as people start to embrace new platforms, quicker ways of paying and faster ways of transferring money from one supplier to another.”