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Webinar with the FCSA: Thursday 25th May, 10.30 - 11.30 (BST)

Hannah Mellow By Hannah Mellow on 23 May 2017   •   1 min read
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The business environment is changing at an ever-increasing speed.

  • New regulation in employment services,
  • Increasing demands of customers and
  • The rise of digital leading to greater competition are also putting your business under pressure.

Payments have not kept up. The existing infrastructure still means many manual processes, waiting days for accounts to be opened and only getting help from banks during working hours.

In this webinar you’ll learn about new payments technology which is enabling a whole new way of working. Hear from FCSA CEO Julia Kermode about the increasing pressure the employment services industry is under. Then Modulr CEO, Myles Stephenson will outline how new payment technology can easily save your business time and money including how one employment agency saved 65% on payments costs.This webinar is for anyone frustrated that their business is being slowed down by inefficient payments.


  • Understand the regulatory and other pressures affecting Employment Services today
  • Learn for an expert how new payments technology is enabling simpler payments
  • Get practical advice to save you money and time on your payments today


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