Embedded payments for Property Services

Create and manage dedicated eMoney accounts and automated disbursements. Access real-time payments so you can focus on your customers rather than the manual overhead.

Do these problems sound familiar?


Manual reconciliation

Matching up payments is a strain on your team’s time and is forcing them to spend longer ensuring payments are correct.


Slow payment processes

You’re too consumed by ensuring payments in and out happen, and wish you could pay free up time to focus on the holistic tenant and property owner experience.


Unable to scale

Customer demands are changing rapidly. Clunky payments processes and a lack of flexibility and resources are hindering scalability.


Lack of payment options

You’re unable to offer the full suite of payment services that customers demand, such as Direct Debits, Faster Payments and cards.

One platform for all payments

Modulr makes it seamless to reconcile property payments to support business growth and scalability and enable automated pay-outs to property owners and managers.

We provide you with a full suite of UK payments such as Direct Debit and Faster Payments which also benefit from real-time notifications so you can provide your customers with instant balances and automatic reassurance.

“With Modulr, we not only have a partner we know and trust, but one who we can work with to launch new payment products with ease.”

Nik Storonsky CEO and Founder, Revolut

Simplified payments reconciliation

Easily create individual eMoney accounts for each tenant, property manager or landlord to align your payments and speed up payment reconciliation.


Faster payments out

Our 24/7 API led platform enables you to set rules and trigger on payments to help create the payment journey tailor made for you.


Real-time payment visibility

Make use of Modulr’s notifications to bring your payments into real-time to help support your customer experience.


Become a payments innovator

Modulr is at the forefront of the new open banking capabilities such as payment initiation and confirmation of payee. Deploy these and utilise industry-leading payment functionalities, becoming a payment innovator to your customers.

Spotlight on scalability

Recurring rent collection, powered by Open Banking

It’s crucial that you deliver the best experience possible for the tenants, agents and property owners using your platform. 

With Modulr’s payment initiation (Open Banking) capabilities, you will be providing the newest and innovative payment functionalities to enable streamlined rent collections.

Payment Initiation is ideal for regular payments where the amount to be paid stays the same, payment initiation creates a more user enticing, less error-prone and real-time payments model. 

Read more here on how payment initiation is transforming businesses, across industries such as Property, into the new age of payments.