Modulr: How it works
How it works

Payments that fit around your business

Modulr integrates seamlessly into the core of your business. Helping you automate and manage payments on your terms, not your bank’s.


The new standard in payments integration

Modulr enables fast and easy integration. Businesses simply plug their platforms or applications into our API. And we plug into all the payments infrastructure they need. 

Integrate seamlessly through our API

We’re API first: every feature is available to customers through our API. It can be integrated into existing applications. Or used to build new services based on customer accounts. Our API comes with full sandbox environment and exceptional developer support. So you can be processing payments within days. More for Developers

Build payments into finance software

We partner with leading ERP, payroll and accounting software providers. Allowing them to provide their customers with an automated, straight-through payments service. So they can benefit from fast, secure and efficient payment processing, through an application they know and trust.

Access a growing network of payment schemes

Modulr accounts provide access to a growing network of existing UK and European payments schemes. Including Bacs, CHAPS, Faster Payments, SEPA. We’re continually expanding our network coverage, soon offering access to global schemes including Mastercard and SWIFT. And integrating international payments and foreign currency exchange.


End-to-end automation
built around business

Businesses can tailor and automate payment flows, from pay in and reconciliation through to pay out. Delivering the real time payment service they need, without the manual effort.

Customise your account structure

Open unlimited payment accounts in seconds instead of days. Use accounts to segregate funds however your business needs – by debtor, beneficiary or payment type – to make processing faster and less manual. Modulr accounts replace bank accounts for payments – with everything you’d expect including UK sort codes, Euro IBANs and access to existing payment schemes.

Create automated rules on accounts

Trigger transaction splits and account sweeps as soon as funds arrive. Process and reconcile in real time, with fewer errors. More on Simplified Pay-In. Trigger automated pay outs and eliminate CSV batch file processing. Making payments faster and less manual. More on Automated Pay-Out.

Get instant notifications on payments

Get notified when funds are received and when outbound payments arrive. So you can process, reconcile and access funds in real time. Receive notifications how you want: by email, through the Modulr portal or via API webhooks integrated into your finance systems.


The real-time 24/7 payment service

We know how important reliable payments are to our customers. That’s why we offer speed and service guarantees. And put businesses in control with an easy-to-use customer portal.

Get speed and reliability guaranteed

We don’t have ‘business hours’. Make and manage payments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without the delays experienced with banks. Our industry-leading SLAs guarantee the speed and reliability businesses need – including 99% of payments being fulfilled within 90 seconds.

Manage easily through
the Modulr portal

Our portal puts finance teams in control of their payment processes. Easily check and set automation rules. View transactions and reconciliation in real time. And manually trigger payments where needed. All through an easy-to-use online account. Secured with Multi Factor Authentication, with alerts, notifications and approvals.

24/7 support to keep payments flowing

Our service is monitored 24/7 to fix anything that stops your payments from flowing. With our Customer Support team always available to help. Our dedicated Implementation Managers make onboarding easy. And our Customer Success team work closely with you to ensure you're always getting the most out of your Modulr accounts and new payment services.

Authorised and regulated

Modulr is authorised,
regulated and secure

Modulr is authorised and regulated by the FCA as an Electronic Money Institution (FRN: 900573). So we can issue accounts with sort codes and Euro IBANs. Our accounts access existing payments services – Bacs, CHAPS, Faster Payments, SEPA and (soon) Mastercard - so businesses can receive and make payments easily.

All built on a secure platform with multi-factor authentication, activity observation and regular penetration testing.

Test drive the api

Access sandbox

Get full access to our API and portal through our sandbox environment. So you can test drive the technology.

Talk to an expert

Contact sales

Talk to our experts about how Modulr can help your business deliver a faster, easier and more reliable payment service.