A truly seamless digital investment experience

Deliver a smooth and fast payments experience for customers wanting to trade stocks or invest in wealth management funds through your platform. 

Do these problems sound familiar?


Payment and investment delays

Customers want real-time trading and investment, but you need to wait hours or days to receive funds, which damages the experience your customers receive. 


Slow and error-prone reconciliation 

You rely on customers to correctly enter their reference details for every payment – if they forget or make a mistake this can lead to manual reconciliation and unnecessary delays. 


Risk of payment fraud

Give your customers confidence that their funds and withdrawals are secure with the industry-leading solution Confirmation of Payee. It automatically checks payee details, reducing the risk of fraud and errors. 


High cost of card payment acceptance

When customers want to purchase stocks, top up their wallets, or fund their savings accounts, there are costly fee structures for high value deposits and chargebacks associated with card payments. 

One platform for all payments

Modulr makes it easy for digital wealth management and investment platforms to accept bank transfers and pay out withdrawalsall while delivering a seamless customer experience.  

We provide you with a robust, scalable payments infrastructure that allows you to accept a broad range of recurring and ad-hoc payment types, while rapidly deploying new products and services to meet the needs of your customers.  


Unlimited customer accounts 

Open an unlimited number of accounts with unique sort codes and account numbers, enabling your customers to trade, invest, and save funds easily, and allowing your business to scale.  


Virtual and physical cards 

Differentiate your proposition with the ability to offer both virtual and physical cards, giving customers more ways to spend funds they hold with you. 


Faster Payments reconciliation 

Use programmable rules and instant notifications to assign incoming payments to customer accounts, speeding up reconciliation, reducing errors and providing fast access to investments and savings funds. 


Improved customer engagement 

Following the sale of stocks, funds can be deposited in a customer account on your platform instead of their personal bank account, encouraging higher levels of re-investment and trading through your platform. 

Spotlight on Payment Initiation

Offer the same payments experience as a challenger bank 

With new digital trading and wealth management companies emerging all the time, how can you differentiate your business?

Modulr’s Payment Initiation, enabled by Open Banking, allows customers to instantly invest or top-up wallets directly from their bank without leaving your application. 

Funds are settled immediately – you don’t have to wait hours or days for payments to clear. There are no chargebacks and the risk of fraud is reduced compared to card payments. 

Modulr’s Payment Initiation operates on a flat fee structure, so you don’t have to pay a percentage of each transaction as you would when accepting card payments. This can amount to significant savings if you’re processing large fund deposits.  

PolygonJanis Legler
Janis Legler

“We are delighted to be working with Modulr as a key part of our infrastructure to offer the best of both worlds to our users. Built for businesses that need a faster, easier and more reliable way to move money, their API-integrated core platform has helped other large challengers scale with a large number of users and volumes and will support us in our mission to become the number one truly digital banking app, the one that finally also offers products and services catering to digital-asset holders."