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The Scotsman picks out Modulr as one of the top five fintechs to watch

By Modulr on 18 July 2018   •   1 min read

Scotland’s leading national newspaper has set its sights on Modulr as one of the top five fintechs to watch in 2018. The Scotsman’s video singles out the fintech innovators with the brightest futures in the country.

We feature alongside businesses using blockchain to deliver safer public services and ID platforms that make civil justice more accessible to small businesses. Our API is built for businesses that process a high volume of complex payments – enabling them to get paid, reconcile and pay out automatically. 

Scotland is the UK’s second largest financial services cluster after London, with 86,000 people employed across the sector. We’re growing fast and are proud to contribute to continued momentum in this sector, generating new opportunities for the bright minds of Scotland.

Catch the full video here.