Deliver seamless payment and account services

Whether you’re a bank, building society or credit union, Modulr can help you automate and simplify your payments infrastructure and deliver a seamless customer experience. With our API-driven platform and regulated EMI status, we’re built to support your banking services, not compete with you.

Do these problems sound familiar?


Changing consumer demands

Customers expect a digital real-time banking experience and greater value from financial products – and you’re facing intensified competition from alternative banking providers.


Slow and error-prone reconciliation 

You rely on manual processes when making, reviewing and reconciling payment flows – but this can be error-prone and incur administrative costs for your business. 


Maintaining payment schemes & regulation compliance

Staying compliant with ever-changing requirements from schemes and regulators can be a costly burden – squeezing your margins and inhibiting innovation.


Lack of infrastructure support

You haven’t found a banking partner that can deliver the robust, secure and flexible payments infrastructure you need as you strive to innovate and deliver new products.

A single API for all payments

Modulr makes it easy for banks, building societies and credit unions to connect to payment schemes and integrate accounts and payments functionality into core banking systems, driving efficiency and scalability.

With our robust and regulated payments infrastructure, you can build and launch new financial products quickly – without being constrained by legacy infrastructure, or having to rely on traditional banking partners that don’t prioritise innovation.

This allows you to innovate fast and deliver market leading, real-time banking propositions to attract and retain customers.

Modulr is regulated by the FCA as an Electronic Money Institution and, as a directly connected participant to Faster Payments and Bacs, we hold an account in the Bank of England's Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) System.


Instant account opening

Use our API to open unlimited accounts with sort codes and account numbers and make your account infrastructure cost effective and agile. Improve internal visibility and control of funds to better manage your treasury and reconciliation function. 


Automate manual processes

Eliminate error-prone batch files, use programmable rules and notifications to assign incoming payments to customer accounts, speeding up reconciliation and reducing admin costs.


Access UK payment schemes

We provide access to major UK payment schemes to give you deep access to national payments infrastructure. We are directly connected participants of Faster Payments and Bacs and we’re a principal issuing member of Visa and Mastercard.


Launch new products with ease

Provide customers with a full suite of market leading financial solutions, including payment accounts, cards, Faster Payments, Direct Debits, Payment Initiation via Open Banking, Confirmation of Payee, 24/7 access and instant notifications.

Spotlight on Payments Accounts

Provide the latest digital banking experience

Modulr’s infrastructure and regulated EMI status allows you to provide payment accounts to customers efficiently, with fast and easy onboarding.

We offer a complete suite of payment services: Faster Payments, Bacs, CHAPS, Direct Debit, virtual and physical card issuing, Payment Initiation (Open Banking) and Confirmation of Payee.

This means you can stand out in the fiercely competitive financial marketplace by offering a full digital banking experience to your customers and members.

Andrew Duncan hex headshot
Andrew Duncan, Chief Executive
Soar Tech

“Our partnership with Modulr is going to make a huge difference to the responsible lending organisations we work with. It’s going to enhance the payments side of our product, bringing us much closer to providing a complete solution to our customers. With Modulr’s support, we’ll be able to drum up further interest in the market and grow our business.”