We want to transform the way SME’s do business.

Modulr wants to make payments an unfair advantage for accountants and their SME clients.

What is the Capability and Innovation Fund?

The Capability and Innovation Fund (CIF) is part of the Alternative Remedies Package of measures agreed between the UK Government and the European Commission following the failed diverstment of RBS' SME arm, Williams and Glyn.

The fund is designed to promote competition and provide greater banking services to SMEs. Modulr was chosen from 76 applicants to receive a £10m grant from the Capability and Innovation Fund. The fund is administered and overseen by the Independent Banking Competition Remedies Ltd (BCR).

Our Roadshow Partners

Our Commitments


Manage Payments

We will transform accountants' ability to manage payments for SMEs.


Create Competition

Switching isn’t working for SMEs; we will create competition outside the existing banking system.


Solve SME Pain Points

We will fight in the UK SMEs’ corner in making sure new, innovative payment methods solve SME pain points.


Raise Matched Funds

We will raise matched funds of £10m to supercharge our impact on competition.


Create UK Jobs

We will create a minimum of 64 high quality regional UK jobs.

How we will deliver on our promise


We partner with the tools you use

We know we need to partner with accounting software providers to maximise our reach.


Technology designed for accountants

Built specifically for accountants by industry specialists, the APCC enables you to become platforms for innovation, so your clients can stay one step ahead.


Regional Roadshow Series

We're coming to a city near you. The Accountancy Innovation Roadshow Series is a curated workshop, bringing together the industry's forward thinkers.