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  • Accountancy Payments Dashboard
  • Sage Salary and Supplier Payments

Accountancy Payments Dashboard

Complete visibility from one dashboard | Coming soon

With this new solution, you can view and manage all of your clients’ payment workflows from one powerful dashboard – no matter which accounting software they use. 

You can assess funding needs, view pending payments, approve beneficiaries and automate workflows. View your entire portfolio at once or drill down into the data of individual clients. 

Not only does this save valuable time, it also helps you provide a richer service to clients with real-time performance insights.  

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Everything in one dashboard
Assess funding needs, view pending payments, approve beneficiaries and automate workflows - all in one place.


Gain real-time insights
Get end-to-end visibility of workflows, easily see urgent client actions and approvals and provide your clients with real-time insights to improve their business performance. 


Maintain security and control
Control who can view and access each client's payment data and reduce the risk of human error with our secure platform.

Sage Salary and Supplier Payments

Take the pain out of payroll and bookkeeping

With Sage Salary and Supplier Payments, powered by Modulr, you can securely process your clients’ payments directly from Sage50cloud Accounts, Sage50cloud Payroll and Sage 200cloud.  

This means you can eliminate manual aspects of payroll, prevent costly errors and save hours of time with automated reconciliation. 

And with real-time visibility of payment flows, you can provide richer insights to your SME clients and help them improve their business performance. 

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Access from anywhere
Work securely and make payments from anywhere directly through Sage, instead of logging into separate systems.


Eliminate manual data entry and reconciliation
Save hours of time processing payments by removing the need to manually enter information and track entire payment flows with automatic reconciliation. 


Improve security and control
Improve data security by processing payments directly through sage software instead of manually sending or sharing files.


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Learn how Modulr transforms payroll for businesses

Simply Lunch is a family-owned company that’s grown into one of the UK’s leading sandwich suppliers. But rapid growth always brings challenges. Their finance team were struggling with the payroll process provided by their bank – it was time-consuming, costly and inefficient.  

Fortunately, they discovered Sage Salary and Supplier Payments, powered by ModulrThe solution has completely transformed their payroll process, saving hours of time every month. 

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What our customers say


"We chose to work with Modulr, the next generation digital alternative to banking, because of their deep experience in payments infrastructure, their foresight to innovation and their commitment to serving the businesses across the UK who sorely needed better payment capability."

Chris Downing Director for Accountants and Bookkeepers

"When we started using Salary and Supplier Payments, powered by Modulr it was a "aha" moment - like someone went into my brain and built exactly what we needed. It’s a massive time saver.”

Rebecca Byrne Finance Controller, Simply Lunch