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BrightPay and Modulr launch in Ireland to support SME recovery and growth

Modulr By Modulr on 10 November 2021   •   2 mins read
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BrightPay, the leading payroll software provider, has extended its partnership with payments FinTech Modulr into its Irish customer base, with the payments solution now available in both of their Irish payroll systems - BrightPay and Thesaurus Payroll Manager. 

The launch into Ireland comes as businesses across the country are struggling to manage cash flows and payroll as they rebuild post-pandemic. This is a situation exacerbated by traditional payroll processes that are unable to integrate directly with payment schemes making them prone to human errors, and unnecessarily at risk of online cyber-attacks and file manipulation. 

Since the UK partnership between BrightPay and Modulr was announced in April 2021, more than £120m worth of payments have been made via payroll using BrightPay’s software. 

The extended partnership will enable BrightPay to bring a seamless and secure way for businesses to make and manage payments at the same time as running payroll.

Modulr’s payments infrastructure replaces the need for accountants, payroll bureaus and employers to upload payment files to their bank by automatically creating payment entries in sync with payroll entries. All payroll managers need to do is approve the payment entries and ensure their Modulr account is topped up. This saves SMEs precious time by eliminating the potential for costly human errors when manually processing high volumes of payroll payments. In turn, this means they can focus on maintaining higher value services, and growing their business.

The extended partnership is the first launch of Modulr’s SME offerings in the European Union. And it further consolidates the FinTech's position as the continent's leading payments-as-a-service platform following its Dutch expansion last month.

Paul Byrne, MD at BrightPay said, “Lengthy and inefficient payroll processes have plagued Irish businesses for too long. Partnering with Modulr has enabled us to bring fast tracked payroll to businesses across the UK. We’re excited to bring these benefits to Irish businesses to help them thrive.”

Tom Kelly, accountancy and employment services lead at Modulr added, “If businesses want to rebuild effectively post-Covid, they must weed out hidden inefficiencies. We’re delighted to extend our partnership with BrightPay into Ireland to bring a plethora of benefits to Irish businesses who are now able to streamline payroll, saving them time and enabling them to focus on recovery and growth.”


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