How BrightPay and Modulr are enabling The Accounting Pig to go the whole hog with payroll

Modulr By Modulr on 21 December 2021   •   3 mins read

When Wendy Bott decided to set up her own accountancy practice, she knew she wanted an antidote to the traditional, formulaic approach. Whether as an external finance department, bookkeeper, accountant or confidante, her firm would keep its clients’ accounts up-to-date and compliant, while having fun along the way.

And so, The Accounting Pig was born.

A safe and trusted pair of hands (or should we say trotters), the practice provides business insights and performance data to help its clients achieve success. And now The Accounting Pig’s playful take on all things accountancy has been systematically enhanced with the BrightPay-Modulr integration.

And why The Accounting Pig? Well, why not? Wendy explains:

“Numbers and technology were the two things I was passionate about in my career, but I wanted accountancy to be fun and informal. The name The Accounting Pig may be random, but it resonates with the kind of like-minded companies we want to work with.”

Built on an awareness that running your business would be even more enjoyable if you didn’t spend your time managing accounts teams, doing paperwork or dealing with tax, The Accounting Pig’s unique brand of ‘lift and shift’ accountancy has proved popular with companies that are keen to outsource financial functions, so they can focus on business growth. Whether it’s raising invoices, reconciling accounts, running payroll, tax returns or performance reporting, The Accounting Pig team has it covered. And it now provides outsourced accounting services to Limited companies across the UK, with turnovers ranging from £50k to £75m.

However, this one-stop-shop approach can have its drawbacks, particularly when it comes to offering payroll.

“Payroll is key to offering an all-encompassing solution, but setting up multiple bank payments takes ages and the system is prone to falling over, particularly if you're uploading Bacs files. I waste so much time every month that it often takes me longer to complete the payments than it does to run the payroll itself.”

Counting on the fact that there must be a smarter way of working, The Accounting Pig set out to tackle this age-old problem, with new age technology. Because, while they may believe that you don't have to be serious to do numbers, technology is one thing they take very seriously indeed.

“Technology allows us to provide a better service because it makes us more efficient, so we can provide value-added services as opposed to just ‘necessary evils’.”

And, thanks to Modulr's integration with BrightPay, payroll is no longer one such ‘necessary evil’.

Taking the pain out of payroll process

Gone is the manual workload associated with paying client employees. Manual uploads and insecure file transfers have now been replaced by automated and intelligent payment workflows, enabling The Accounting Pig to deliver a customer service that’s not only seamless but smarter too, while eliminating costly payroll errors.

“We no longer have to double check that clients have paid their staff correctly. I simply generate a report from BrightPay for their approval and then make payment through Modulr. It’s saved over 80% of time it would have taken before.”

And the platform also affords its clients an important element of control.

“With Modulr, trusted staff can be granted access to the payment account and, for our clients, this is a huge advantage. Plus, the visibility that the platform affords means they always have sight of where their money’s going.”

Real-time payments, 24/7

With seamless payroll, The Accounting Pig can supercharge its clients’ business performance – payments can be authorised on the go, clearing in 90 seconds using Faster Payments, and are automatically reconciled. And, now, the company can realise its ambitions of offering an all-encompassing accountancy solution, but without all the payroll pain.


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