Embed payments directly into your wage advance platform

We make it easy for wage advance providers to incorporate payments into their platforms. With our payments functionality integrated into your software, we’ll help you deliver a truly end-to-end solution and a differentiated customer experience.

Why Modulr

Enhance your wage advance business

Reduce payment complexity

Reduce the time you or your customers spend on manual payment processing. Reliably automate key stages of the lending and collection process, with no need for manual exports or file uploads.

Automate reconciliation and maximise efficiency

Easily set up individual employee accounts to make deduction of payments against payroll automated and accurate. Minimise costly payments errors and potential customer complaints that could affect your business or platform.

Access real-time Faster Payments

Reduce the 3-day Bacs cycle to just 90 seconds. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, so you can flexibly make last minute changes that allow prospective borrowers to get loans up to and on pay day.

Deliver unbeatable customer experience

Make your software their only software, with a complete ‘end to end’ CX with integrated payments.

Single, flexible & scalable API

API access to all Modulr services so you can easily deliver new propositions to your customers, such as flexible drawdown using loans. 

Why partner with Modulr

We provide referral, channel or fully embedded partnerships opportunities.

We're the payments partner behind Salary Finance and WageStream

With our partner network we support 10,000+ businesses to automate payment workflows.

Realise your full potential

Effortlessly deliver innovative payment propositions to your customers that generate new revenue streams for your business.

Partnerships built for you

Add Modulr directly to your platform, refer and revenue share, or even white label - we have an array of options for your business and customers.

Fully secure, compliant and trusted payment processing network

Fully regulated by the FCA as an eMoney Institution with an industry leading uptime of 99.999%.

Challenges & Solutions

You need to remove the headache of providing complex payroll services
Help your customers centralise and pay their payroll easily, accurately, and on time, every time
No room for error. Payments must be accurate, even outside of standard payroll patterns
Easily set-up individual employee accounts, allowing employee to access their pay when they choose - making payroll 24/7/365
You’re under growing pressure to innovate and offer enhanced or new services
Manage the development of new innovations more effectively – with minimal investment
You’re challenged with the high costs of managing payments via traditional banks
Benefit from straight-through access to Faster Payments, not easily accessible from traditional banks
You’re faced with a lack of capability, regulatory permissions and specialist knowledge
Access a secure, compliant and trusted payment processing network, fully regulated by the FCA as an eMoney Institution
Customer Case Study

Wagestream Case Study

How Modulr is helping Wagestream bring financial wellbeing to frontline workers.

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Download our guide to launching a card programme
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