Open Banking API: Experience smooth
payments from one platform

Together with Modulr issued e-money accounts, get notified as soon as payments arrive, manage refunds, and easily reconcile transactions.

Open Banking and accounts

Open Banking payments and dedicated accounts.

Unique to the market, Modulr combines Open Banking payments with e-money accounts, making fund flows visible and reconciliation automated.

Pre-fill payment details, redirect customers to their banking apps while keeping them within your brand, and instantly notify them when funds arrive.

No more expensive card processing fees
Acquiring costs amount to an expensive 0.5 – 2% of the transaction value.
Reduced fraud and chargebacks
Card payments are susceptible to fraud but with Open Banking payments, customers authenticate directly with their bank using SCA. That means no more chargebacks and chargeback fees.
Curb the poor customer experience and abandonment
No more having to input long card numbers, expiry dates or CVV codes.
No more middlemen and waiting days for settlement
Just instant payments from one account to another, powered by Open Banking.
Single immediate payments

Lightning-fast payments from one account to another.

Instant, one-off payments from one account to another, in just a few clicks. Perfect for: One off collection including checkouts, top-ups and deposits.
Anytime payments
Available for customers 24/7 via our direct access to Faster Payments.
High value payments
Collect up to £250,000 with single immediate payments.
Instant notifications
Receive money in near real-time and get notified instantly as soon as funds arrive in the account.
Refunds made easy
Differentiate your customer experience by providing refunds using our API.
Recurring payments

Give your customers a quick, safe and secure recurring payment experience.

Empower your customers to quickly and easily create Open Banking Standing Order payments from within your app or website. Perfect for scheduled top-ups, rent collection and subscription services.

Ideal for recurring experiences
Create better customer experiences for when the amount to be paid stays the same.
No longer a disconnected process
Customers can initiate recurring payments from within your app or website in a couple of clicks.
Receive instant confirmation
We'll let you know in real-time when the recurring payment has been set up using our API.
Reduce set up errors
We're all prone to making errors, especially when filling out payment boxes in a rush. Pre-fill payment details for the customer.
Pete Cheyne - Founder

"The App-to-App nature of Open Banking is great for the user experience. Conversion rates are higher and it’s a much better experience. All in all, it's been overwhelmingly positive."

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