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Authorise Xero
Acknowledgement notice

Please read and accept the Acknowledgement notice before authorising the connection with Xero.

Acknowledgement notice

You (or you on your customer's behalf) acknowledge that Xero's role in Modulr Finance Limited's services is limited to providing a direct data feed to Modulr Finance Limited from your (or your customer's) subscription to enable you (or your customer) to conveniently use Modulr Finance Limited's Application without manually retyping data, and to update your (or your customer's) Xero profile without manually retyping data.

Xero is not responsible for, and has no liability to you (or your customer) or Modulr Finance Limited in respect of the accuracy of the data or the suitability of any financial product or service provided by Modulr Finance Limited or a connected party for your (or your customer's) needs and has no other involvement in Modulr Finance Limited's services other than the provision of the data.