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Pay contractors on time. Every time.

Your challenges

Paying multiple contractors on behalf of your agency clients can be costly and time consuming. Batch-file based outbound payments processes are insecure, slow, inefficient and error-prone, and bank payments solutions can be unreliable. You need a payments solution that will allow you to integrate directly to your payroll software to reduce manual errors and costs, pay contractors reliably and instantly, and provide real-time visibility of individual receipt of salary payments.

How can we help you?

Drive out error through automation

The manual processing of batch files is time consuming, costly and prone to error. Our solution eliminates unnecessary administrative overheads by integrating directly with your payroll systems and automating your payments processes – replacing the need for batch files, manual bank access and reconciliation.

Spread your workload

Waiting for payments to clear and errors to be revealed can mean your week's workload is front and end loaded. With our solution, you no longer need to wait three days for a payment to clear in order to attend to errors. If you make an error, fix it in as little as 90 seconds.

Instantly track every payment

You are currently challenged to reconcile each of your client agency's accounts. We help you manage this by creating separate, segregated account numbers for each of your client agencies. This allows you to instantly see what each client has paid.

What are the benefits?

Eliminate insecure batch files for improved GDPR compliance.

Automate your client's payroll payments directly from your payroll software.

Lower your administrative costs.

Streamline your team's workload across the week.

Improve the accuracy of your payments and handle any errors immediately.

View real-time account information for each of your client agencies, any time.

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