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Automate your back-office processes

Automate your back-office processes

The manual processing of batch files is time consuming, costly and prone to error. Our solution eliminates unnecessary administrative overheads by integrating directly with your systems and automating your payments processes – replacing the need for batch files, manual bank access and manual reconciliation.

Create accounts for each client

Create accounts for each client

Your clients currently have to request a 'service user number' from their bank for you to process payments on their behalf. This is a manual and time-consuming process. We bypass this by quickly issuing you with an account for each of your clients so you can scale. We can even ensure that your client's name appears on the statement of the beneficiary.

Spread your workload

Spread your workload

Waiting for payments to clear and errors to be revealed can mean your week's workload is front and end loaded. With our solution, you no longer need to wait three days for a payment to clear in order to attend to errors. Streamline your workload with real-time payments and notifications. If you make an error, fix it within minutes.

What are the benefits?

Pay out customer loans in under 90 seconds.

Automate your back-office payroll function and replace the need for batch files, manual bank access and reconciliation.

Onboard new customers quickly and securely to gain competitive advantage.

Securely pay temporary workers directly from your client's account, without directly handling the data or funds.

Streamline operational costs through payment flow automation and real-time notifications.

Streamline your team's workload across the week with instant payments.

Ensure accurate interest calculation with payment receipt notifications.

Improve the accuracy of your payments and reduce the risk of manual error, with separate account numbers for each of your clients.

Access your payments facility 24x7 with no down time.

View real-time account information for each of your client's accounts for immediate reporting and improved information for compliance.

Manage your risk with a regulated payments partner.

Easily integrate your existing platform with ours through a single API – no 'down time' required.

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