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Payroll and payments can be a headache. Manual workflows and time-consuming processes inflict a heavy admin burden. Take the pain out of payments.

Modulr’s flexible platform is built for businesses that need a faster, easier and more reliable way to move money. We're the payments partner behind the likes of Sage, IRIS and Brightpay.

Together, we make salary and supplier payments simpler and smarter.


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Trusted to move millions by 100+ accountants

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Take away the manual headache of managing payroll & payments


Save time and maximise efficiency

Take the payment workload away and benefit from time-saving automation, faster processes and instant payments


Eliminate complex and error-prone processing

We replace manual reconciliation and date entry with automated and intelligent payment workflows


Faster Payments

All payments sent from Modulr use the Faster Payment service, meaning they will arrive instantly in your recipients’ bank account


Real Time Insights

Businesses need accurate & real-time data – benefit from richer insights to improve your business performance


One Platform. Single View

No more spreadsheets, all your company and supplier data on one platform.


Secure and Compliant Network

Process payments through a highly secure and compliant network. Modulr is authorised and regulated by the FCA (FRN: 900573).

  • BrightPay
  • IRIS
  • Sage Salary and Supplier Payments

Pay directly through BrightPay

Eliminate the manual workload associated with making payroll payments.

Fully integrated with BrightPay, Modulr technology delivers seamless payroll workflows.

The single and secure online portal allows you to make payroll payments at the same time as running payroll, saving precious time, removing manual processes and eliminating costly errors.


Save Time and Maximise Efficiency
Authorise payments on the go, automate reconciliation and make payments in 90 seconds, 24/7


Eliminate costly payroll errors
Ensure you pay the right amount on time, every time without double and triple checking the payment file


Reduce payroll and payment overheads
Add efficiency into the way you and your team manages payroll and payment workflows. 

File Upload with IRIS

Send and receive real-time payments 24/7 via Faster Payments

Make all your payments with a simple file upload directly to Modulr’s portal and benefit from a faster, easier, more streamlined payments and payroll processing. Because there’s no integration required, you can get setup and running with Modulr’s payments portal quickly and start processing payroll straight away.


Easy upload, in bulk
Export the file from your payroll software and upload payments to Modulr as a single file.


Faster Payments
Transform Bacs Standard 18 files into Faster Payments via Modulr’s portal so they arrive instantly in your recipients’ bank account.


Reduced errors
Use the automated checking system to detect errors in the payment file, so you know exactly what to fix.

Manage payroll and payments directly from Sage products

Make payroll and payments effortless

With Sage Salary and Supplier Payments, powered by Modulr, you can securely process your business's payments directly from Sage50cloud Accounts, Sage50cloud Payroll and Sage 200cloud.

This means you can eliminate manual aspects of payroll, prevent costly errors and save hours of time with automated reconciliation.

And with real-time visibility of payment flows, you can enjoy richer insights and  improve business performance.


Access from anywhere
Work securely and make payments from anywhere directly through Sage, instead of logging into separate systems.


Eliminate manual data entry and reconciliation
Save hours of time processing payments by removing the need to manually enter information and track entire payment flows with automatic reconciliation.


Improve security and control
Improve data security by processing payments directly through sage software instead of manually sending or sharing files.

4 steps to perfectly synced payroll and payments

UK businesses rank manual processes s the biggest cost within their payment operations*

Run payroll as normal

Do what you normally do! Modulr is already integrated.


Select pay now

Once you've calculated payroll, select "pay" and you'll be taken to your Modulr account.


Approve payments in your Modulr portal

Simply hit "pay" after funding your Modulr account with one lump sum payment from your chosen bank.


Easily see payments updated

Modulr automatically syncs payment statuses meaning you'll know exactly what's paid and pending.

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Learn how Modulr transforms payroll for businesses

Simply lunch is a family-owned company that’s grown into one of the UK’s leading sandwich suppliers. But rapid growth always brings challenges. Its finance team was struggling with the payroll process provided by its bank – it was time consuming, costly and inefficient.

Fortunately, they discovered Sage Salary and Supplier Payments, powered by Modulr. This solution has completely transformed its payroll process, saving hours of time every month.