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With Modulr automating payments, One Less Worry is living up to its name by delivering a fast and secure payroll service

Modulr By Modulr on 31 August 2021   •   3 mins read
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One Less Worry is an independent payroll bureau with a strong ethos: they don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so they run payroll specifically to each client's needs.

Being committed to delivering such a personal approach means One Less Worry is always looking for ways to make things easier and quicker, while maintaining the high levels of security and quality of work their longstanding clients have come to expect.

With around 300 clients – many of whom use BrightPay – One Less Worry’s decision to integrate the software with Modulr’s Payments Dashboard has lifted the weight of manual payments from those clients’ shoulders. And the integration has also enabled One Less Worry to deliver an even more comprehensive experience, building on their bespoke, first-class payroll service.

How Modulr powers One Less Worry’s offering: no more payment files, greater security, and payments cleared in 90 seconds

With six members of staff, One Less Worry works hard to keep their clients’ payroll ticking over – producing payslips, handling tax deductions, and generating reports. But before the Modulr-BrightPay integration, their services hadn’t extended to processing payments.

However, One Less Worry’s clients are incredibly busy, and it was clear they’d benefit from having the whole workload lifted – including the burden of manual payments. Keying in the details for up to 80 employees weekly takes a big chunk of time, after all.

With Modulr, One Less Worry can now give their clients the additional support they need by processing those payments. And for the clients still managing their own payments, they’re saving over an hour and a half’s worth of work each week.

“Our clients are increasingly busy – they haven’t got time to process payslips or anything like that, or even make the payments. When we can simply push a button and it’s done, what more do they need?”

Speed doesn’t come at the expense of control and security, however. Because the need for manual file uploads is eliminated, so too is the risk of leaking unencrypted information – the chance of data entry error is also greatly reduced. And although the approval flows are easy and simple, they’re also tightly secured using mobile two factor authentication.

That’s not all: Modulr is a direct participant of the Faster Payments network, so One Less Worry benefits from the flexibility of scheduling payments in advance or making last minute changes – and the payments clear in 90 seconds.

That means no more having to budget for the lengthy three-day Bacs payment processing period, which had caused headaches in the past.

“If payroll from a client comes in at the last minute, it doesn’t matter. We can make the payments within five minutes and the funds will land in their bank account straightaway”

With security concerns eradicated, and with more time on their hands, the relief of One Less Worry’s clients is clear: they can take off on holiday with peace of mind that their business is in good hands.

In the future, being able to offer quick and secure payments processing will help the company expand into other markets and attract bigger clients. There’s one client in particular – a PLC company – which One Less Worry is currently looking to onboard. With 350 employees, it’s vital that the company is able to manage all aspects of payroll.

After 18 months of easing off anything marketing and sales related during the pandemic, One Less Worry is thrilled to be getting back to networking to grow the business further – and Modulr is only too pleased to be able to help.


“One of our clients says he doesn’t even have to be in the office on a Thursday anymore when the pay runs are done – he can just go on holiday. I let him know how much money needs to be in the Modulr account, then I do the final checks and the money is cleared by Friday. All he has to do is spend a minute answering my texts. He’s so relieved.”

James Toulson, One Less Worry Payroll Services
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