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Modulr unveils Pathfinder programme ahead of the alpha launch of its revolutionary Payments Dashboard

Modulr By Modulr on 8 December 2020   •   4 mins read
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  • Modulr gears up to revolutionise the way accountants and bookkeepers manage and make payments for their clients with CIF committed Payments Dashboard

  • Its new Accountancy Pathfinder programme brings together the industry’s top innovators and thinkers to develop new innovations

  • Modulr is leading the way for the next generation of accountants, and is shaping the path of accountancy technological and model innovation

London, UK, 8th December 2020

Modulr, the payments as a service FinTech, has today announced the Alpha Launch of its Payments Dashboard and Accountancy Pathfinder programme, as it gears up to revolutionise the way accountants and bookkeepers manage and make payments for their clients.

The new Payments Dashboard powered by Modulr will deliver greater control, visibility and access to payments capabilities for accountants through accounting and payroll platform connections, multi-step approvals, granular access control and workflow management. The Payments Dashboard forms part of Modulr’s commitments to delivering better banking and payments services to SMEs, funded by the £10m they were awarded from Pool C of the Capability and Innovation Fund (CIF) under the RBS Alternative Remedies Package.

The Payments Dashboard has been built with accountants and for accountants, with a shared belief that too many accountants and bookkeepers, and in turn their SME clients, are held back by slow systems and manual processes. Modulr brings the best technology the fintech sector has to offer, via its intuitive API, as a digital alternative to traditional banking and payments software.

As part of the Alpha Launch, the launch of the Pathfinder programme has seen key thinkers and well known professionals in the accountancy space sign up to be a part of building the future of accountancy innovation. This includes Lucy Cohen, Co-founder of Mazuma Accountants, the leading online accountants for SMEs; Lisa Newton, Founder of Boogles Bookkeeping, the award winning bookkeeping service; Shane Lukas, Managing Director at AVN, leading accountancy coaching and training experts; and Stephen Paul, Chief Executive Officer at Valued, the leading technology based accountancy firm.

Lucy Cohen, Co-Founder at Mazuma accountants, says: “As someone who works with small and micro businesses, I can see how payments can be a real pain point, which is why I wanted to join Modulr’s new Pathfinder programme to help solve this issue.

“Having a dashboard that gives you greater control and visibility, will enable businesses to greatly improve their efficiencies and allow them to concentrate on the parts of the business that drive growth. And for any business, systems like this sit at the core of sustainable growth and control. Getting involved in the Pathfinder programme allows me to help be part of the solution to a universal problem.”

Tom Kelly, strategic accountancy, payroll and employment services lead at Modulr, comments: “We see accountants as allies in our bid to drastically improve the financial technology available to SMEs and their accountants today. SMEs have been poorly served when it comes to how their accountants access and manage their financial information and complex payment workflows that keep them running as usual. The slow, manual processes - due to integrations with business banks - are lacking real-time insight and workflow sophistication to be both valuable and useful for their day-to-day needs.

“Working with accountants across the industry, and software providers too, we’re building a product that will give businesses greater control, and their accountants proper and useful insights. All with the aim of driving better business performance and improved financial forecasting.”

To join Modulr’s new programme and become an accountancy pathfinder,
you can register your interest here (practitioners only):



About Modulr

Modulr is the Payments as a Service API platform for digital businesses. It integrates into any product or system. Modulr’s new type of payment accounts are built for businesses that need a faster, easier and more reliable way to move money. Businesses can automate payment flows, embed payments into their platforms and build entirely new payment products and services themselves. All managed in real-time, 24/7 from one API.

Modulr, based in London, Edinburgh and Dublin, powers the underlying payments for customers including Revolut, Sage and Iwoca.  

Modulr’s API makes it easy for businesses to streamline existing services, launch new products and scale more efficiently. Modulr Finance Limited (FRN 900699) is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as an EMD Agent of Modulr FS Limited (FRN 900573). Modulr FS Limited is an Authorised Electronic Money Institution, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Modulr FS Europe Limited (638002) is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland as an Electronic Money Institution.

About the Accountancy Pathfinder Programme

As part of the Alpha Launch, Modulr is launching its new Accountancy Pathfinder programme. The Pathfinders programme brings together the industry’s innovators and forward-thinkers to discuss, debate and develop new technological and model innovations that will shape the future of accountancy services. This first of its kind network is aimed at developing new innovations for accountants to deliver better, more efficient services for their clients.

Pathfinders have access to invite-only events - including roundtables and discussion groups hosted by leading experts, take part in developing exclusive thought leadership pieces on behalf of Modulr, test drive innovative products - including its new payments dashboard, and connect with forward-thinking accountancy peers via exclusive groups.