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How Modulr and BrightPay software have enabled No Fuss Payroll to achieve business growth and deliver a “fuss-free” service to their clients

Modulr By Modulr on 8 October 2021   •   4 mins read
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No Fuss Payroll offers low cost, professional payroll services to small and medium-sized businesses across the UK.

Payroll can be complex and time-consuming, especially for smaller organisations that don't have the know-how or resources to manage it themselves. As Sam Wolanski, Founder of No Fuss Payroll, experienced first-hand when she owned a small business.

Dissatisfied with the costly bureaus that added unnecessary hidden charges and didn't offer personalised experiences, Sam saw a gap in the market for a different sort of payroll service, one that eliminated corporate jargon and put customers first.

And now, by leveraging core Modulr technology, No Fuss Payroll can offer exactly that - a personalised, jargon and fuss-free payroll service that delivers on both its promises, and its payments.

How No Fuss Payroll is using BrightPay, powered by Modulr

With No Fuss Payroll processing the payroll for 90 SMEs, some of whom have 30 staff members, Sam is dedicated to ensuring that payslips, reports and tax deductions are all completed on time. However, before the Modulr-BrightPay integration, she was unable to extend these services to payments.

“It's a full payroll package with Modulr and BrightPay.”

The payments process presents several challenges to smaller businesses, which can have a knock-on effect when done incorrectly. For example, traditional payments take three working days to clear, so companies must process them in advance to ensure they don't have to pay a £100 fine to HMRC or inadvertently end up blocklisted.

Unfortunately, the inability to offer payment processing meant that Sam was losing potential customers, who would have to rely on BACS registered bureaus instead.

Since integrating with BrightPay, No Fuss Payroll can offer a complete payroll package that includes payments. Using Modulr's Payments Dashboard, Sam simply processes employee payments through BrightPay without the need for clients to manually process payments themselves. Plus, with the Faster Payments feature, the funds arrive instantly.

Not only has this new and improved service enabled No Fuss Payroll to grow its client-base, but it also gives Sam's existing customers peace of mind that their payments are being handled professionally.

Aside from being unable to offer payments before integrating with BrightPay, Sam also struggled to manage the volume of administrative work that took her attention away from more business-critical activities. In fact, Sam realised that she had manually sent over 600 emails chasing people up and gathering information in just one month.

Sam wanted to find a better way to streamline her workflow, so she turned to BrightPay Connect.

“I integrated Modulr with BrightPay Connect, which is fantastic.”

Before adopting Modulr's technology, Sam’s clients would have to pay PAYE liabilities to HMRC manually, which carried the risk of errors or missing the payment deadline. In contrast, with Modulr, Sam can send payments to HMRC and employees at the click of a button, and Brightpay Connect automatically generates payslips and reports. At that point, Sam’s clients and their employees receive an automatic alert that lets them know the task is complete.

BrightPay Connect has liberated Sam's valuable time, allowing her to take on new clients and focus on doing what she does best. But, Sam believes the most significant benefit is that she can still deliver the personalised customer experience of a smaller business, while now also offering the services of a larger bureau.

“Bright people trust BrightPay.”

When it comes to managing other people's money, trust and safety are paramount.

That's why Sam chose BrightPay as No Fuss Payroll's finance software. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and protected by the Bank of England, Modulr provides a secure, credible solution for accountants and payroll companies.

Additionally, Sam's long-standing relationship with BrightPay meant that she trusted its payment partner of choice, knowing that it would be a reliable platform.

Now that No Fuss Payroll is in good hands, Sam is confident that she can continue offering a consultative, friendly service to her customers without worrying that economic turbulence — as we've seen in recent years — will damage her business.

What’s next for No Fuss Payroll?

For Sam, the future holds unending possibilities with BrightPay.

There's currently a large market for payroll and Sam receives multiple enquiries from companies who want her help.

Nevertheless, as the furlough scheme winds down countrywide, No Fuss Payroll's priority is supporting customers to navigate the latest government announcements and to come out the other side in the strongest possible position.

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