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How Accounting4Everything is realising its client advisory ambitions with time saving technology

Modulr By Modulr on 5 November 2021   •   4 mins read
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When working at large accountancy practices was proving to be little more than a numbers game, award-winning accountant James Twigger decided the time had come to set up on his own. He wanted to take a more personable, advisory-led approach, one that would serve to improve his clients’ business performance. 18 months later he was joined by Nick Millard who had come to the same realisation that he had to leave the larger practices to truly provide the service he wanted to give.

Realising that the secret to fulfilling their advisory and advocacy ambitions lay in maximising their own internal efficiency, James and Nick set to ensure that they had the best time-saving tools in their technological tool-kit.

Enter Modulr and a BrightPay integration that delivers powerful payments features, enabling Accounting4Everything to process payroll efficiently while supercharging their clients’ business performance.

For accountancy that’s more than a numbers game

At the heart of the Accounting4Everything ethos is the knowledge that accountants today can be so much more than figures people. In establishing their practice, James and Nick wanted to provide their clients with the peace of mind that not only are their financial needs being met, but that there is wider support available for business advice and consultancy.

A self-confessed cloud guru, Nick Millard spent years looking at processing best practice, believing that efficiency was the key to long term success. This search brought him to BrightPay and a Modulr powered payments integration that now enables them to offer Payroll-as-a-Service with such efficiency that they still have the internal resource available to focus on what's most important to them – their clients’ businesses.

“When considering any new process, we always ask ourselves 'will this software enable us to provide a better service and deliver a real client benefit?'. And with Modulr and BrightPay, the answer was a resounding yes” 

“We’re a small firm so going for Bacs accreditation to offer payroll services was never a viable option, with all the complication and cost that involves. With Modulr, we can offer Payroll-as-a-Service far more effectively and efficiently than we ever could alone. Not only can we take the payroll workload away from our clients but we can do so in a way that is streamlined, automated and therefore very straightforward for us internally” 

A platform that takes on the number-crunching legwork

Thanks to this game changing integration, Accounting4Everything can now provide its clients with seamless payroll workflows directly through its existing BrightPay software. Modulr does all the number-crunching legwork while Accounting4Everything simply pushes the payments through to the client for final approval.

Modulr’s direct participation in the Faster Payments scheme delivers the ultimate convenience, with money sent and received in near real-time and payroll fulfilled in seconds. The platform also gives Nick and his team the flexibility to schedule payments in advance or make last minute changes.

“One of the great things with Modulr is how quick the payment’s made – 90 seconds from clicking ‘pay’, to it going. It certainly makes life a lot quicker. The interface is really easy to use and it’s great to be able to post-date payments as well"

“We're now able to schedule payroll a couple of days in advance and it runs automatically at four minutes past midnight on pay day so it’s in employees’ accounts before they even set foot in the office. It beats having to come in and run payroll first thing in the morning” 

Automated processes remove the headache of managing payroll payments, eliminating the manual exports and file uploads traditionally associated with making payments to employees, client employees and HMRC.

“We have some clients who have 50 plus staff and pay fortnightly. There's a lot of work involved with normal payroll processes. We estimate that we can save at least half an hour per payroll run, per client, and if you have a lot of clients or employees, that really adds up”

Thanks to Modulr and BrightPay powering payroll, Accounting4Everything can now access new revenue streams and make payments a premium service for its clients, all while realising the practice's full advisory potential.



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