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Accountability Edinburgh’s clients can take a break from payroll responsibilities, thanks to a game-changing integration with Modulr and Sage

Modulr By Modulr on 15 November 2021   •   4 mins read
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Why make 40+ payments when you can make one, all while your client’s sitting on a beach somewhere?

At Modulr, we want to make accountancy as mellow, zen and hassle-free as possible. And our customer, Accountability Edinburgh, couldn’t agree more.

Find out how, thanks to Modulr’s game-changing payroll integration with Sage Salary & Supplier Payments, Accountability Edinburgh’s clients are now free to enjoy a permanent payroll holiday.


BIG results, for small businesses

Committed to delivering big results for small businesses, Accountability Edinburgh offers its own brand of highly qualified and fully licenced accountancy, in a space where regulated status is the exception, rather than the rule.

While Accountability Edinburgh is unusual in that it doesn’t offer financial statements or traditional tax advice, it has developed a strong reputation for advising clients on the automation of finance processes – delivering efficiency and control. And as part of the quest to improve automation for payroll clients, the company discovered Modulr's Payments Dashboard and its integration with Sage. This enabled Accountability Edinburgh offer payroll services more efficiently – it's a traditionally troublesome process.

Accountability Edinburgh’s Rosie Berridge aka ‘the Mary Poppins of accounting’ (thanks to her ability to ‘restore order from what was previously gobbledegook’), explains more.


“We’re really interested in new technological integrations that we can use to make peoples’ life easier. All too often, established businesses get stuck in the same ways of working. They’re not thinking about new technology, so we actively go out and look for it on their behalf. When we take on new clients, they get really excited when we tell them that there’s an easier way of doing things. And the Modulr and Sage integration offers precisely that, a much easier way of running payroll,”


Allowing Rosie and her team to manage client payroll directly from Sage, Modulr’s innovative integration saves hours of time spent creating and checking payroll payments. Manual reconciliation and data entry are replaced with automated and intelligent payment workflows, eliminating complex and error-prone processing.


“For clients who routinely pay people late or incorrectly, we can use the platform to take that burden away from them and give them one less thing to think about. It fits brilliantly with our ethos. We are always looking for ways to make our clients’ lives easier and Modulr has given us a brilliant opportunity to do so in a way we simply weren’t able to do before.”

Using the intuitive system, client payments can be authorised on the go via a desktop, mobile or tablet and yes, even from the beach. And, this game changing technology was put to the test when, shortly after first integrating with Modulr, Accountability Edinburgh faced the challenge of not only a new software platform, but also a new client and a new payroll run, and all when the client was due to be away.


“Our client has a huge turnover of staff who are paid fortnightly and that presents a significant issue for a payroll provider. We had 40 new starters and one working week, from receiving the payroll data on the Monday, to payday on the Friday. And, to complicate things further, the client was due to go on holiday half-way through the week.”

“Using traditional processes, the 40 new employees would each have to be set up individually with the bank, using the client’s card reader. And with anything between 200-300 new starters anticipated in the future, we knew that would be prohibitively time consuming. Modulr was a lifesaver as it allowed us to make one payment through the bank rather than 40+ individual payments, saving us hours of time and making the whole process much simpler and hassle free, particularly for the client who was able to go away, knowing that payroll was being taken care of.”

The fact that the system allows for clear approval controls was another big selling point for Rosie, giving Accountability Edinburgh the accountability it needs, together with the reassurance that, despite the sheer efficiency of the solution, it affords more and not less control.

And, the Accountability Edinburgh/Modulr partnership offers huge scope for the future; equipping the practice the time-saving technological tools it needs to expand its consultancy services and take on other payment processes.


“There’s a huge value in being able to help our clients understand how finance processes can work more smoothly, so they don’t become a headache. And how you can retain those approval and control processes without spending hours arduously churning through spreadsheets. We’re talking to all of our clients about how we can make their payments across the board less time consuming – without compromising on control.”


So, thanks to Modulr and Sage Salary & Supplier Payments, when Accountability Edinburgh now offers its clients a financial health check, a payroll holiday may well be the prescribed course of action.


“We were delighted to hear about Modulr – it came just at the right time – and has been such a great success we’re now rolling it out across the board. It’s become a key part of our finance offering to all clients.”



“When we first met with Modulr we were blown away thinking we had found the answer to our prayers. Having used the system, we still feel this way and, what’s more, so do our clients. We now have real validation to offer payroll services to our clients, across the board."

Rosie Berridge, Accountability Edinburgh
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