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Modulr’s flexible platform is built for businesses that need a faster, easier and more reliable way to move money - making supplier and payroll payments simpler and smarter.

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Paul Byrne, FCA ACIPP

CEO at BrightPay.

We are delighted to be able to offer this facility to our customers. Having spent a large part of my career as a practising accountant (with a payroll bureau service), I know just how time consuming the process of paying employees can be and still is to this very day. This changes everything!


We have the UK's first payments solution that manages all client payment workflows from one single online portal.  No matter which accounting software is used.

This powerful dashboard, together with our seamless, automated and intelligent workflows, saves time, removes manual processes and eliminates costly errors.

We're also the payments partner behind the likes of Sage and BrightPay. Together, we make salary and supplier payments easy and hassle-free.


"I think Sage Salary and Supplier Payments is wonderful, I just wish it had been around before now."

Wendy Blane Accounts Administrator, FBS


Whether you’re a payroll bureau, recruitment agency or umbrella company, we’ll help you ensure your payroll is optimised for maximum efficiency by replacing traditional, error-prone and time-consuming manual processes with real-time, automated, digital ones.

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