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Simplified Pay In

The simple pay-in service that’s scalable

Modulr makes Accounts Receivable processing and reconciliation quick and easy. However you need to get paid.

Introducing our service

Modulr eliminates complexity in collections

Inbound payments can be complex. Manual processes, pooled accounts and lack of real time data makes it difficult to know who’s paid and when. Modulr helps lenders, marketplaces and payments fintechs to more easily process and reconcile payments in real time.

Businesses create and hold unlimited accounts, automate pay-in processes and get real time notifications. All through a single interface. Integrated into their existing accounting systems or collections platforms via our API.

Customise account flows

Open unlimited accounts, with sort codes or Euro IBANs. Segregate paid-in funds by debtor or payment type, to make reconciliation faster and less manual.

Automate payment processing

Set rules to trigger splits, sweeps and notifications when you receive funds. Move money between accounts, pay out quickly and get better control of working capital.

Access multiple
payment methods

Modulr accounts support Direct Debit collections and receipt of push payment via UK payment schemes and SEPA. With new payment schemes being constantly added.

Business Benefits

Process and reconcile payments in real time

Modulr is built for businesses with high volume or complexity of inbound payments. Received funds are instantly available and accounted for, without the manual effort and errors. And businesses can handle a greater volume in Accounts Receivable, without scaling operations and treasury management.

Cut operating costs

Modulr reduces a two-day reconciliation process to minutes. With paid-in funds instantly segregated as needed and payments processed automatically.

Update ledger in real time

Get instant notifications when funds are received and automatically update your ledger. So you have a real time record of transactions.

Access cash faster

Process incoming funds instantly and get an accurate reflection of working capital. So funds can be immediately accessed and used.

What our customers say

Modulr works for our customers

Modulr moves money for businesses across lending, payment fintech, payroll services, travel, marketplaces and more.

“Modulr has revolutionised the way we work. They have provided us with a quick and easy scalable solution for automatic payment processing. The platform is user-friendly, allowing us to give our customers a better, seamless experience and saving the team"
Rob Straathof, CEO of Liberis

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Salary Finance

We help this salary-linked lender to deliver fast, flexible and responsible finance to employees

Salary Finance provide salary-linked benefits that let employees borrow responsibly via simple salary deductions. Modulr helps them to onboard employees and disburse loans quickly. While making collections and reconciliation easier and more automated.

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