Upgrade to a purpose-built payments platform

Our fully integrated API platform means you can completely focus on growing your business, and not dealing with outdated and complicated payment processes.

End-to-end payment processing with just one integration

Payment Services

  • Unlimited, instant accounts
  • Access Faster Payments network services 24/7 for immediate payment
  • Extensive and growing payment scheme coverage
  • Choice of payment initiation mechanisms with API, online portal and batch file

Simple Integration

  • RESTful API suite for quick integration
  • Simple full API access to account and payments (creation, triggering and information retrieval)
  • Configurable event-based API notifications
  • Extensive developer tools
  • Works with your existing bank relationship with no need to change

Designed to be secure

  • Latest security practices including mutli-factor authentication, session management, activity observation and penetration testing.
  • Fully authorised and regulated by the FCA as an Electronic Money Institution

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In detail

We have developed a highly flexible and configurable platform to suit your business's needs.

Flexible accounts Create dedicated sort code & account numbers instantly online or via the API. Leverage the on-demand segregation of funds whenever your business process requires it. 
Create simple or complex account structures that support your business model. Whether you need to manage client funds, collections, payments or fees our payments accounts give you unparalleled control over funds flow.

Payments logic engine Move money the way your business needs to. Use our powerful payments logic engine to automate the flow of funds through your business. 
Create rules to pool collected funds across multiple accounts, split received transactions, extract commissions or fees from the flow or automate account transfers and payments. 
For businesses with complex requirements, integrate our API into your platform to drive your fund movements.

Easy integration through APIs Access all Modulr functionality through our advanced, flexible API solution or web portal

Rich instant data Access transactional and event information instantly online and via the API. Integrate our API webhooks and know straight away when transactions arrive or fail to reach their destination. 
Use the rich data to drive your business workflow and improve customer experience

Secure Security of data and funds is paramount in everything we do. We've built a bank-grade security environment that combines seamless user experience with modern security practices in authentication and session management, activity observation and penetration testing.

Works with your bank There's no need to change your current bank account, Modulr accounts work alongside your existing banking relationship.


Clients can access Modulr services through multiple methods

Integrate Modulr services directly into your platform

Log in to manage customers, accounts and payments

Submit payment instructions

Instantly create and manage multiple accounts

Register clients for services and manage their accounts

Configure payment processing rules to automate payment flows

Initiate payments instantly

Know exactly when changes happen to your accounts

Seamless access to payment schemes

How Modulr works for business

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How could Modulr work for you?

Sectors we work with

Our solution is already being used across a variety of sectors and use cases.

• Employment Services
• Business Finance
• Payment Gateways
• Alternative Finance

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